Help! My Skin Is Getting Dark


Help! My Skin Is Getting Dark

Hello Everyone,

Today I on behalf of Wiseshe will be talking about one of the most common queries asked by our readers through emails, facebook messages! This is a current initiative to help the beloved readers get a suitable solution to the beauty related issues which they face in daily life. We will try to cover most of the skin issues through these type of posts.

Laser treatment for pigmented skin

Well, let me begin with the one of the query which we have been receiving quite number of time!

Multiple Readers Query: “Help! My skin is getting dark”

To begin with, Summers have officially started in most parts of the country and leaving a few instances of drizzles & showers, the temperature has started showing an actual glimpse of the scorching hot days that will be the fate of most of the people in the country in the coming months.

With the seasonal changes, the skin also tends to behave strangely and may lead to various skin issues like  excess oil on the face, tanning, dullness etc.

Coming to the query, skin darkness can be controlled by the following-

Homemade Recipes-

A mixture of curd, lemon and gram flour is quite effective in the removing the light tan you get on the skin these days. Use this mixture twice a day and you will see the effects.I you find curd too sticky or greasy, use chilled milk!

Besan and Curd For Dandruff - ingredients+natural dandruff treatment

You can also apply fresh aloe vera gel on the face and massage it for a while. It will eventually reduce the skin darkening caused.

Skincare Products-

Sun Protection-

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock SPF 50+ This is one of the most effective sunscreen creams  I have known and has a higher SPF value than most of the sunscreen creams available.

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Sunscreen Face Wash Gel- Lotus Herbals Safe Sun range has decent sun screen gels and face washes which will help you in preventing skin tanning.

Skin Brightening Face Packs-

Dirty Works Vitamin C Brightening Face Mask– A good face mask for a glowing face.

Dirty Works vitamin c Brightening Mask+ dirty works

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear- One of the most cheap and highly effective tan removal creams known to me!

Lotus Herbals De-tan After Sun Face Pack– Another decent face mask for reducing the darkening effects on the skin during summers.

Lotus Herbals De-tan After sun face pack Review

I hope you like these suggestions and your query related to skin darkening gets solved with these!

Have you tried these Skincare Remedies?-

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