Hema Malini’s Beauty, Makeup and Fitness Secrets Revealed


Hema Malini Beauty Secrets

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Hema Malini who is popularly known as “Dream Girl” is one of the leading actresses of the Indian Film Industry who ruled the period of 70’s with her appealing beauty and great acting skills. She is one of the most versatile actresses of that time. She is a well trained Bharatnatyam dancer and has now turned to Direction and Production apart from acting in films. She is an active Member of Parliament and also a member of Bhartiya Janta Party.

She is one of the actresses who has earned the title of being “Once a diva, always a diva” as she has managed to look equally gorgeous and younger in her 60’s as she was before.

I remember I became her fan all over again when she appeared in a very graceful avatar in the movie Baghban. I was really head-over-heels in love with the look she adorned in the ravishing red sari in a song from the same movie.


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She believes that “Beauty is god’s gift and one should never take it for granted. My skin is good because God made it so. I keep it very clean and free of make-up as much as possible.”

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Hema Malini’s beauty secrets revealed-

  • Use of aroma oils-

She swears to the use of aroma oils as the most important beauty chore which she regularly follows to get the glowing and ageless skin.



  • Drinking lots of water-

Keeping the body well hydrated with sufficient amount of water is also the secret to her flawless skin as drinking water ensures that all the toxic waste is flushed out from the body.


  • Eating Healthy-

Hema Malini sticks to eating fresh fruits, vegetables and avoids any junk food item in her diet. She is a pure vegetarian and fasts twice in a week and includes dry fruits and dairy products in her diet. She is a curd lover and has it liberally in small proportions throughout the day.


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Hema Malini’s Makeup Secrets revealed-

When it comes to makeup, she is not very fond of it. She mainly uses the aroma oils prepared by her beautician before applying any makeup.

  • A true Clarins cleansing milk lover-

One product she never skips is the Clarins cleansing milk and uses it on a daily basis. She believes that the skin should be kept clean so that it is able to breathe and should not be overloaded with makeup products.

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  • It’s all in the eyes-

She likes to enhance her beautiful eyes with only kajal and doesn’t use any other eye makeup product.

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  • Keep it simple & sweet-

She keeps her makeup to minimal level and uses just a hint of kajal in the eyes and a natural shade lipstick when she is doing her makeup herself. She uses aroma oils before applying foundation on her face.

  • Night care routine-

She truly believes that night cream is a must for getting a healthy & youthful skin. She uses a night cream called ‘Aveda’ before going to bed.


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Hema Malini’s Fitness Secrets revealed-

  • Classical Dancing-

Being a trained classical dancer she is engaged in various dance festivals and cultural gatherings where she performs. Dancing is a very pleasurable way of exercising. It requires a lot of rehearsal and practice to perform on the stage. So this is what has helped her achieve the toned body in spite of the getting older each day.

  • Cycling- 

Hema Malini cycles daily at home for about 10-15 minutes which helps her burn extra calories in an easy and convenient way.

  • Pranayam and Yoga- 

The 64-year-old actor is a believer of the ancient form of Yoga and does Pranayam for at least 45 minutes daily. She practices Yoga every alternate day and gives all the credit to yoga & stretching that helps her attain toned biceps and triceps and a flat waist and belly.

What are your beauty, makeup and fitness secrets?

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