Henna Hair Oil Benefits And How To Make It?


Henna Hair Oil Benefits And How To Make It?

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There are many women who use henna on hair only when their hair strands start turning grey! But actually henna an be used in other forms as well such as oil even before the hair turns grey. Using it as a paste is not the only option! You can definitely use it different way.

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Talking about henna oil, we have extensively used it while applying henna on the hands, other than that henna oil can also be used on the scalp as a potential hair oil!. Here is a brief overview of henna oil for hair and how to make it!


  • Using henna oil at least twice a week can give you glossy, healthy and thick hair.
  • This oil can repair damaged hair and it restores the pH value of your scalp.
  • It builds a protective layer on the hair strands and locks the nutrients and moisture in them. This way it acts as a great conditioner.
  • As you already know, it can color your hair safely unlike hair coloring product in the market which are harmful.
  • This oil can cure dandruff and scalp infections as well.

How To Make Henna Hair Oil?

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  1. For this you need fresh henna leaves. Now grind them well and make paste by adding little water. Don’t add too much water to it.
  2. Make small sized balls with this paste and keep them aside letting the balls dry for some time.
  3. Take some coconut oil in a pan and heat it. You can choose any oil of your choice.
  4. Now add these henna balls into the pan and let them boil.
  5. Leave it so till the oil color changes to a darker color and then turn it off.
  6. Let the oil cool for some time and then strain it into a clean bottle. You can also leave it so overnight and strain it the next day. Your oil is ready to use.

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Few Hair Oil Ideas

  1. For coloring hair, use henna, amla, shikakai, tulsi and bhringraj to make oil.
  2. You can also mix some coffee decoction and apply it.
  3. For hair growth, use henna and gingili oil.
  4. You can also mix henna, fenugreek and mustard oils.
  5. For conditioning hair, use henna, amla, hibiscus flowers, methi and orange peel to make oil.
  6. To treat dandruff, use henna and fenugreek seeds to make this oil.
  7. You can also mix henna oil with olive oil and use.
  8. To treat hair fall, mix henna and fenugreek. You mix few drops of lemon juice to it before applying.
  9. Mix henna, curry leaves and coriander leaves to make this oil.

Making henna oil is very simple but if you want to use any other ingredients in this oil, you just need to use them in addition to boil in the oil. Suppose you are using curry leaves and amla in addition to henna leaves, then you can add dried leaves powder or paste and add dried amla powder to the pan to the pan with oil along with henna balss. Based on your requirement, add ingredients to it and use it to get healthy and lustrous hair.

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