Henna – How To Make Henna For Hair With Pictures


By Prerna ,

How To Use Heena

Many of us are very fond of experimenting different hair colors but the thought of harsh chemicals in hair colors stops us to go ahead if, either we are not bold enough to experiment with hair, or the health of our hair is not that good (that is they are not strong enough). But home made hair pack to dye your hair is possible when ever you wana give a brown tint to your hair. Yesterday I tried a heena hair pack mixed with yoghurt to color my black hair, dark brown. Usually after dyeing hair, hair loses its moisture, to cope up with this I have added yoghurt.
Best things about using home made hair dye is that along with giving color, it conditions the hair, there is no smell of chemicals, no side effects that often occurs with chemical hair dye.

Steps to make this hair dye pack (How To Mix Henna)

1. Take a big bowl and put half cup heena powder. (for long hair, the quantity of heena can be increased). I have taken a plastic katori so that the mehandi doesn’t stain my daily use utensils.

How To Make Heena

2. Now add 2 big spoon full of yogurt in the bowl and mix well.

How To Mix Heena For Hair

3. Boil 2spoon of good quality Tea in 1 cup water and keep boiling till it reduces to half cup. Strain the tea leaves and discard. Add the concentrated black tea to the heena-yogurt mixture and make a fine paste. Tea is full of nutrient to be given to hair. It imparts color too.

Applying Henna

4.The paste should not become runny or too tight.

Applying henna To Hair

5.How To Apply Heena

Apply heena on your  hair for 2hrs for the color to develop (like u keep your mehendi on your palms for maximum time as possible)

How To Do Mehndi

This is me trying to click my own pic, lol…don’t laugh at me!

4. Wash it with shikakai shampoo if u have / normal shampoo won’t harm the color either! I didn’t applied any conditioner after shampooing my hair coz Yogurt itself is a great conditioner!
5. Air dry your hair and..la…la…la..lala…. my hair has become so soft :snicker: :snicker:

Can you see the soft brown tint of my hair after wash, in the pic below?

Hair Colour aftet Heena

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  1. Thnx Prerna………..But your hair has grown amazingly long (touch wood). I remember your that you used to have shoulder length hair in our college days.

  2. hi prerna, nice post.i actually dont like the brown reddish tinge henna gives. any home made pack u suggest to get the darkest black hair but conceals grey(have very few grey hair)?

    • after henna apply indigofera it will cover brown hair to black and black hair to dark violet its not much noticeable all herbal buy indigo fera from ebay or local cosmetics anywhere in india since india is the largest exporter 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. i m 18+ a boy.i lost my hair daily but i realy dont know how can i stop my hair fall problem.and how can i get back my losting hair..please give me good advise……………


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