Herbal Beauty tips for arms and legs

Its not only the beauty of the face which is important.Our arms and legs needs equal care.
Below are two herbal remedies which will give you soft  and glowing arms and legs.
1.Take 1/2 tspn of Vinegar to 1/2 a cup of curd.Massage this misture on arms and legs including your feet and ankles.You can use the pack on whole of your body.Massage it for 15 minutes and wash it off with water.Bath as usal after applying it.
You can use this remedy every alternate day.It will suit those who have oily or combination skin.Curd will is an bleaching agent and will help in removing tan as well.
2.Those with dry skin can mix 1 tspn of Vitamin E oil with 1 tspn of Vaseline and 1 tspn of Glycerin .Massage your hands and legs with it and take bath after an hour.Regular application will make the dry skin soft and will maintain the skin moisture level too.
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  1. I do the first one myself but instead of adding vinegar I add lemon. Works just as well. It does help in removing tan. 🙂

  2. ohh i was looking how to keep my legs in a neat and soft way… it is too dry and i always have ot use tons of cream to cover it up…thnks so mcuh for these tips 🙂


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