Herbal Body scrub at home to remove dead skin

You pay exorbitant amount of money for a body scrub which has ingredients like sugar, salt and nutshell. These things are easily available at home and that too without any added chemicals. When you are buying these product you are not only paying for the ingredients but you are paying for the brand, advertisement, packaging etc. so why not try using homemade body scrub which will be more natural and effective.

Body scrub is essential part of your beauty regime as it removes dead skin cells, jaded skin and tanning too.

Even if one has oily skin one should not exfoliate with body scrub every day. Those who have dry skin can exfoliate twice or thrice a month and those with oily skin can do that once in a week.

Below are few natural herbal body scrub which are easy to make and will easily remove tanning, dead skin and will add glow to your skin too.

Vitamin E corn scrub 


1 cup corn flour (make ka aata)
1/4th cup any body lotion of your choice
5 vitamin e capsules (available in any chemist shop just poke a pin in them and take out the oil)

Mix all the ingredients together and make paste of it. Take shower and wash your body nicely before applying this paste. Dry yourself a bit so that paste doesn’t wash out. Apply the paste for five minutes and rub your body in circular motions. Take shower again and this time apply mild soap or use shower gel on your body. This scrub will suit all skin type which include oily, dry and normal.

Orange and lemon peel body scrub

For this scrub I purposely eat more oranges and use lemon in my dishes so that I can get lot of lemon peels. This scrub is one of my favorite as it enhances complexion and its effects are immediately visible. All you have to do is that don’t throw away orange and lime peels. Dry them thoroughly till they are brittle and powder them up. You can store them in a jar and don’t expose them much under the sunlight while you are drying them.


3tbsp of orange and lemon peel powder
Rice powder /wheat bran (choker)/porridge grain
½ tsp. of honey
Milk to make the paste
1tsp glycerin

Mix all the ingredients together and make a thick coarse paste (which is not finely powdered).Rub this paste all over your body using circular motion and then take bath normally. After using the skin whole body dead skin will be removed and you will immediately see the difference .

You can make whole body ubtan for soft  and glowing skin.To read about it click here.


  1. Going thru your old posts anamika..am just addicted to your blog,..very easy DIY if only i had so much patience ..Thanks for the wonderful tips dear..


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