Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curls & Waves Shampoo Review


Herbal eesences totally twisted curls and waves review

I heard great things about Herbal essence shampoos so thought of giving it a try.More so it comes in a  cute looking see through purple bottle and when I sniffed it I fell for its lavender  fruity  fragrance .

Herbal essence totally twisted curls and waes shampoo review

What Herbal essences  shampoo claims :-

Are you happy go loopy? happiness goes around. my curly shampoo is essential to a curl’s life with a cleaning that’s totally springy. my curly shampoo formula, with a fusion of wild cherry twist and jewel orchid, makes curls and waves lush and defined. for manageability crucial to curls, turn to my conditioner.


  • Price Rs 179 for 355ml


Herbal essences shampoo review


Ingredients – Does contain SLS 🙁


Herbal essence shampoo ingredients


It doesn’t come in usual cap packaging one has to bear down the green colour cover to take out the required quantity which I find interesting.Product lathers well and  gives  through clean feeling to the hair but sad part begins when it makes my hair feel ultra  dry.I have straight hair which are wavy from the ends and after using the products my ends looked liked  straw. :pain::pain:

Herbal essence curls and waves shampoo review


Consistency of the shampoo is neither too thick or thin and one does need less quantity of the product for hair wash.


Swatches of Herbal essence curls and waves shampoo


My husband too used the same shampoo and he is some one who hardly complains about any  but he was not ready to use this this one  :P  It made his hair dry too and their  was a time when I hated combing my hair after using it.

I have quit this shampoo altogether although i liked its fragrance and packaging.I don’t know if this product will suit curly hairs but definitely not dry hair.

Will I recommend it to others– Curly hair girls might give it a try but I wont suggest it to dry wavy hair girls.

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    • just horrible…i think one of the most drying shampoo i have ever tried..u got curly hair or straight hair Rajeshwari?

  1. anu you don’t have curly hair then why u wasted money in purchasing it ?:-)

    well now when u don’t use it, i wanna give u a tip to reuse it in your pedicure sessions 😀 😀 😛

  2. I like herbal essences shampoo range & tried different variant but not this one. I liked their fragrance & this is the biggest reason of my likeness but one ting I cant understand that Shampoos are supposed to clean you hair and make them soft but why different shampoos claim that they can make hair straight, curly, frizz free, strong, black etc etc isnt these types of claim are irrelevant to the product… 🙄

      • Hahahahahah…….. no I didnt watch… but seriously what those people think for painting such nonsense of their products……. I remember one Ad of hair oil in which model shampooed her hair & went to parlour for hair cut & her hair gained length from shoulder to toe just during her way from home to parlour :beatup:

  3. hey i have the conditioner in this range and i think the conditioner does what it promises, it makes my curls pop. yes i am born with curly hair, but the conditioner makes my curly glossy and more defined. have not tried the shampoo.. but yes even the conditioner gives some stiffness to my hair. i have mixed the conditioner with some honey and olive oil and use it to deep condition. i find it works well like that.

  4. this product makes my beautiful hair into worst hair :-X after using this product my hair become frizzy and dry 😮 I will not buy again :pain:

  5. Hey Anamika,,, I live in US Can you please suggest me skin whitening products for face and hands, which are affordable ?:-) ?:-) mine is uneven skin tone and combination/oily skin so plzzzzz plzzzz

  6. i had to comment on this.. i hated this product.. my hair is naturally curly and this one my my hair so brittle that it could have had the strength of poking someone..seriously.. and now its been used for car wash 😛 even my sister with straight hair hated it 😀
    PS- do not buy it!!

  7. hmm.. i dont think im goin to try it 😐 n yeah.. all those shampoos which i just dont use anymore go for carwash 😛 hehehe

  8. Hey! I have curly hair and I LOVE this shampoo. BUT I use it along with the conditioner. In fact, if I’m not mistaken, it says “for manageability crucial to curls, turn to my conditioner” on the back of the shampoo. I have never used the shampoo alone, but the conditioner restores all that vital moisture to my hair without weighing down my curls. Try it out with the conditioner. It worked for my hair!

  9. My MIL had bought this some time ago when she was here in Mumbai. It didn’t suit her, I think, so on her next visit her handed them over back to us. I don’t like curly hair so these have been just sitting aise hi – I guess your car washing idea is good. I cld add a capful of this to the water my maid uses for mopping everyday. At least that way my house will smell nice & this stupid thing will finish off 😛

  10. i have wavy hair and i like curls..i have recently heard about this shampoo and conditioner..will it b rg8 for me to try it? wat u say fnds??

  11. i have wavy hair and i like curls..i have recently heard about this shampoo and conditioner..will it b rg8 for me to try it? wat u say fnds?? ?:-)

  12. Hi all,
    I have curly and dry hairs, tried a lot of shampoos and conditioners but nothing works, read reviews about aroma magic cream shampoo, has anyone tried it, will it work?? please suggest some herbal based ultra deep conditioners for my hair, right now i am using schwartzkopf bonacure moisture kick shampoo, initially it was feeling great and it has straightened my hairs to a great extent but the roughness still remains..please reply.


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