Herbal Hair Packs For Long And Strong Hair


Who doesn’t want long and strong hair? Hair care industry is mushrooming day by day and they are not to be blamed as we girls/women are mad about our hair. No single day passes by when I don’t see an advertisement of an hair care product which claims to make your hair strong .I believe hair products cleanse your hair and condition them too but cannot make them strong .What work for me are my herbal remedies.

Today I am sharing you two herbal hair packs which are completely natural and continuous use of them will make your hair long and healthy.
Ingredients:-1tsp of honey
1tsp of olive oil
1tsp of lime
Preparation-Take all the ingredients and mix them thoroughly. Beat the egg nicely before adding it into the solution .Apply this pack all over your hair cover your scalp and root to hair tips. Leave it for 20 minutes and wash it off with water.
You can use this packs twice a week and result can be seen within two months. This hair packs suits normal, oily and dry hair too.
Next is the banana hair pack which was shared to me by one of my lost friend Shweta who is nowhere to be seen in any of the social networking site. Girl had longest hair in our class and to keep them shiny and long she used this hair pack.

Ingredients:- Herbal Hair Packs for long and strong hair:-

1-2 ripe bananas depending upon your hair length
2tbsp of honey
4-5 drops of almond oil
One egg (if you are vegetarian you can avoid egg but it works well with dry hair)
Preparation– In this hair pack you can use any banana which has rotten up and you are thinking of throwing them into the dustbin. Mix all the ingredients and blend it into a mixer. Make a smooth paste and apply it in your hair. You can wet your hair a bit before applying this pack with lukewarm water. Cover up your whole hair with hair pack including your scalp and wait for about half an hour.
You can wrap up your hair with a clean polythene if you do not have a shower cap available at home that time. Wash it off with water and shampoo your hair as usual.
Both the above hair packs protects your hair from damages and split ends .Nowadays when our hair is expose to so much of pollution, dirt and stress it becomes a necessity to provide them with good nutrients.
Treat your hair like your prices procession and make use of herbal remedies to make them beautiful
Happy hair care!!!

Do you have any Herbal Hair Packs to share with us for that long and strong hair

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  1. You have some of the best hair care solutions , i soo would love to see your hair , i am sure they are absolutely gorgeous 🙂

  2. Hi friend…

    I really love your hair treatment.. i am going to test it surely… i l also post the result here after two months.. i hav also the same doubt reg honey’s effect in turning hair white….

    Any way.. thanks a lot for ur post..

  3. Hi, none of these treatments will turn your hair straight. But, they are miracle treatments for adding shine, bounce, and softness. I use the 2nd method once a month. But, to the above ingredients I add Besan and Curd too.

    Worth a try!


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