Homemade Face Packs For Wrinkle Free Skin & Tips To Avoid Wrinkles

Hello there lovelies!
I am sure many of you must have been through the awful feeling of noticing wrinkles on your face for the first time. It is quite disheartening, isn’t it? But if you follow a healthy skincare routine along with some simple beauty habits, you do not need to worry!

How Are Wrinkles Formed?

The outermost layer of the skin is called the Epidermis. As you age, it starts to lose its ability to hold moisture, which in turn leads to fine lines. In addition, the collagen and elastin also start to break down & cause wrinkles & sagging skin.  In fact, every 10 years one loses about 10 percent of epidermal thickness.


DIY Natural Recipes To Get Rid Of Wrinkles


Yogurt, Honey & Turmeric Face Mask: Each of these ingredients work wonders for the skin. While yogurt keeps the skin moisturized, honey makes it smooth & is antibacterial in nature. In addition, turmeric possesses antioxidant properties. Put all the 3 ingredients in a bowl & mix well. Use this as a face mask to prevent acne, & wrinkles & also give a brightening effect to the skin.

 Greek yogurt with honey in a pot
Olive Oil & Lemon Juice: Olive oil contains oxidants & keeps the skin nourished. It can be mixed with Lemon juice to prepare a face mask. Apply this on the skin while massaging gently. Then rinse off after a few minutes. This will help in reducing wrinkles while keeping the skin soft & supple.
lemon oil for clothes
Bananas: Bananas are loaded with vitamins & minerals. It is beneficial for the skin & keeps the wrinkles away. Simply take 2 bananas & mash them to form a paste. Apply this on the wrinkles & then wash off after 30 minutes. Alternatively, you can also mix the mashed banana with avocado & some honey to reduce wrinkles.

Some Tips To Avoid Wrinkles

1. Start taking care of your skin from a young age. Learn about night creams & under-eye creams & include them in your beauty routine.

2. If you spend most of your time under the harsh rays of the Sun, then always put on a high factor sunblock.
3. Always moisturize your face before going to bed
4. Use face masks that are rich in antioxidants & other nutrients

What To Do For The Already Existing Wrinkles?

 1. Develop a regular habit of Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing your skin
2. Never ever step out of the house without sunscreen on
3. Keep your skin moisturized & hydrated at all times
4. Try natural home remedies to tame the wrinkles & fine lines.
5. Get adequate sleep
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  1. will use the lemon, olive oil tip. please tell me if the face has to be washed after the massage. also can I leave it overnight

  2. Yes please wash the face after massaging it.Apply a good moisturizer.You can mix lemon juice,glycerin and rose essence(gulab jal) and apply it before going to bed.You will see the difference with in a week.:)

  3. Very good homemade makeup tips. Beauty parlor has become a thriving business and it is mainly due to people becoming more serious about their looks. These types of homemade tips are so much helpful.


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