Herbal methods to get rid of menstrual problems


Many women are unconcerned about their periods and don’t bother much about them till the time they are married or are thinking of a baby. Diseases like cervical cancer and ovarian cysts are commonly heard nowadays and operation is there only solution. This is generally due to ignorance in the beginning. Especially in teenage girls irregular periods is considered normal but now it shouldn’t be ignored at all. Having a regular menstrual cycle is a result of good health and irregular indicates problem with in the body. Although PMS(Premenstrual syndrome) do exists which shouldn’t be bothered. Symptoms like Acne, head ache, back pain, depression, irritability are common symptoms and if are not effecting much your life style then shouldn’t be taken seriously.

If one is having irregular, stretched or no periods then it is a cause of concern. Brief explanation of three possibilities as generally described are as follows.

Mennorrhajia -Heavy bleeding during menses is known as Mennorrhajia. In mennorrhajia bleeding stretch up to more than five days.

Polymennorrhea -Any normal women should have their period after 28 days or after four weeks. A woman is believed to be suffering from Polymennorrhea if her periods start taking place before 28 days .Some time women get their period with in a gap of 15 days only.

Hemorrhagica -If a woman has her period irregularly which means sometimes earlier then the expected date or some time later and flow of bleeding is irregular too then it is known as Metripathia Hemorrhagica.
Many reasons have been considered for above three problems such as:
1. Women nowadays have wrong eating habits. Their diet is more of fried and fast food and less of fruits, nuts and milk products.
2. Sleeping immediately after having lunch.
3. Eating late night .Sleeping and getting up late.
4. Being too sad, tensed, mental pressure ,excess anger and being overly afraid .
5. Dieting
All the above reasons can lead to abortion as well.
Some of the Ayurvedic methods which can help in getting over with these problems are:-
1. One should freshen up daily and never keep oneself constipated.
2. Wash your genitals with alum water in the morning and before sleeping as well.
3. Take 1 glass of milk and add 1 tea spoon of desi ghee in it. Eat 1 banana and drink milk over it. If done in the morning and night can be of real good help.
4. Mix 1 tea spoon amla powder(Amla berry powder) with 1 tea spoon of sugar and eat it with a banana daily in the morning and night.
5 Mix 1-2 mashed banana in 1 glass of milk and add a spoon of sugar into it. Have this every day in your breakfast.
6. Mix 1 tea spoon multehi powder (Licorice in English)with 1 spoon of mishri powder(Rock candy) and drink it with rice water(Chawal ka paani) once daily.
All the above tips if religiously followed can remove all your period problems. Albeit these above tips have banana, milk, rice but if you cut down on your fast food for a time being and follow these religiously then you won’t have go through your monthly unbearable pain and depression.
Please note-If you are suffering from menstrual problem since long then you must consult a gynecologist and with that if you follow above remedies then you can get rid of your problem in lesser time. Of course it does depends upon the severity of your problem as well but if these remedies are taken at that age of 15 or 16 then girls will have healthy living ahead.


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