Herbal night cream for combination skin (neither dry nor oily)


If you have a normal combination skin and you do not suffer from any acne problem then this herbal night cream is perfect for you. Generally by the end of the day especially if you are a working women your skin starts looking dull .There is no shine and softness in your skin due to pollution ,stress and various other factors.

Below home made herbal cream will protect your skin whole night and will make it soft .You will get a child like glow with this cream.

Take 1tbsp milk cream(Boil milk and let it cool, a thin layer of cream will be formed),add few drops of glycerin,rose essence(Gulab jal) and few drops of olive oil.Mix all the ingredients and apply it on your skin before going to sleep.Wash it off in morning with luke warm water.You will see the difference with in 3-4 days.


  1. hey buddy..of course i did…saturday mornings devoted to cleaning work..hey give a pat to me for that yar….thanks friend:)

  2. Khushi please use neem packs for pimple ..I assure you it will give you great result..CHECK IT OUT HEREhttps://www.wiseshe.com/2010/02/herbal-remedy-for-acne-cure.html

  3. hello mam,before trying this tips,i want to known i have combination skin will it be effective for using on my skin,will it not amke my skin oily more….is it must to use olive oil/…….plz reply me


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