Herbal remedies and tips for peacefull sleep/ Herbal remedies to get rid of disturbed sleep

Everybody wish to sleep peacefully. A good night sleeps keep us fit and add sglow to our face. Those who  suffer from insomnia or any other sleep disorder ailments know what the worth of sleep is and how blissful it is to have your 7-8 hours of sleep.
Few reasons why people do not have peaceful sleep are:-
1. Stomach ailments and digestive disorders
2. Watching TV for long hours.
3. Smoking cigarettes ,excess intake of tea and coffee.
4. Emotional outbursts
5. Irritability during the day
6. Dizziness, tiredness, head ache etc.
Below are few tips and herbal remedies to woo sleep and give you a blissful night sleep.
Take a good hot water bath before you sleep. If not interested in bath then just soak your feet in lukewarm water. This can bring about sleep soon.
Walking bare foot through wet grass in the morning every day encourages peaceful sleep.
Make sure that your room is properly ventilated and do not have too much of bright lights.
Person suffering from sleeplessness should avoid eating spicy food and include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in their diet.
Massage your hair and scalp with Almond oil (Badam rogan )or amla(Indian goose berry)oil. This helps in inducing sleep.
Wash your feet with Luke warm water before going to sleep and then massage your feet with mustard oil for peaceful sleep.
Include 1 raw onion as salad in your dinner every day. Slowly you will start noticing the result.
Drink 250 ml of carrot juice in the evening every day induces peaceful sleep.
Take watermelon seeds and poppy seeds (khus khus seeds).Powder both of them separately and Have 3gram of this powder in morning and evening .This remedy helps those who suffer from disturbed sleep.
Drinking sweet lassi 1 hour before going to the bed helps in getting sleep.
Take 5 gram fennel seeds (sauf) and boil it in 50ml of water. When water is vaporized and becomes of 20ml quantity then add 250ml of milk in it. Drink the milk before going to the bed.
Take 3 grams of shankpushpi and ashwgandha  churan and add 1tsp of ghee and sugar crystal(mishri ) in it .Have it before going to the bed.
Take jaifal (nutmeg) powder and mix it with ghee. Apply on your forehead and   under feet area daily before going to the bed.
Drink aam paana/sweet green mango juice in the evening every day induces sleep.
Avoid sleeping during the day and adhere to a particular timing to go to bed.
Doing Kunjal niti and jal niti in the morning helps in inducing sleep.(If you want to know about Kunjal niti or jal niti then you can mail me up)
Make yoga part and parcel of your life. Do suryanamaskar religiously.
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