Herbal Remedies For Heat Stroke (loo lagna)


Few symptoms of heat stokes are:-

1. Mouth and tongue starts drying up.
2. Sweat in hands and legs
3. feels dizzy
4. Constantly thirsty
5.In sever condition person gets viral too and feels constantly low.
Below here is a comprehensive list of remedies to get rid of heat stroke.
1. Take 1 large raw mango (green mango) and boil it. (You can boil it in a pressure cooker with 2-3 whistles).When cool peel the green layer of mango and mash it up in a puree form. Now add ½ cup curd, jaggery (gud) according to taste(you require in good quantity to make it sweet ),1/4tsp roasted cumin seeds powder, salt according to taste, 1/4tsp black pepper and 1/4tsp coriander powder(dhaniya powder).This becomes kind of a raw mango butter milk drink. A person suffering from heat stroke drinks this 3-4 times a day then he/she will see immediate result.
2. You can make a drink of tamarind pulp to get rid of heat stroke. For making tamarind drink boil tamarind and take out the pulp. Add little water in it and filter the mixture with the help of a sieve. Add sugar and drink the mixture.
3. If a person is suffering from skin inflammation due to heat stroke then mix black cumin seeds powder in coconut milk and apply it on the affected area.
4. Drinking raw mango drink (aama paana) 2-3 times a day helps in getting rid of heat stroke.
5. Applying tamarind paste on foot and hands helps in heat stroke.
6. Eating onion in salad 2-3 times a day prevents heat stroke.
7. Those who have to work outside every day should eat tulsi(basil )leaves with sugar every day. For this take 7-8 leaves of basil and take 1 tsp. of sugar .Mix them together and have it with a glass of water in the morning.
8 Those who suffer from dizziness due to heat of the sun should drink amla juice (Indian goose berries juice) every day.
9. If a person suffer from inflammation within and outside the body, feel thirsty constantly, have red urine and constipation then drinking butter milk (chaaz) with some salt 2-3 times a day helps.
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