Herbal remedies for menstrual problem.

I have been asked many times about menstrual problem by wiseshe readers. Some how almost 90% of woman suffer from irregular periods, pain during periods, heavy bleeding or less bleeding. I myself have suffered from these problem during my teenage and after my marriage. It has become such a common problem nowadays that even girls who are in 6-7th standard are going for cist operation.
If your younge daughter is suffering from any of menstrual problem please do not think that it will be cured once she is married.(This is what I have heard from many aunties)Our life style is different now and we need to be carefull with our bodies.Also, do not ignore any problem it might become severe problem later in life.
Below are some of the popular herbal remedies which have been collected from magazine, friends and elders by me for those who suffer from menstrual problems.
1.If one is suffering from irreguar periods, severe pain and heavy head ache then take 2 grams of rye(mustard seeds)and powder it up.Have the mustard seed powder before your meals twice a day for three four months conitniously during the periods.
2.After delivering of a baby sometimes woman periods gets  imbalanced.Gastric problem , stomach ache , stoppage in urine and leg pain are some of the symptom because of this.This happens when a woman go out in cold waves or because of drinking or bathing in too cold water.
Taking 1.5 to 2gm of salt with water helps in regularising the period and getting rid of above problems.
3.Having carrot juice every day helps in curing menstrual problems.
4.If one is suffering from low bleeding during periods take 3grams of asafoetida and boil it in one glass of water.When 1/3rd of water is left filter the water with the help of a sieve and drink it.Regular intake of this water for few months helps in solving all kinds of menstrual problems.
5.Boil 1 glass of water add tulsi(basil )leaves seeds(tulsi ke beej) in it.Drinking this water regularly helps in curing menstrual problems.
6.Take some jaggery and kala til (lNiger seeds) .Boil it in one glass of water and drink the water 3-4 times a day.By drinking this water problem of low bledding gets resolved.
7.Drinking hot milk with 5-6 grams ajwain helps in menstrual pain and removes any kind of bleeding problem.
P.S-Although all the above remedies are completely herbal and shouldn’t have any side effects but if you are allergic of any ingredient then please do not incorporate them.It is always advisable to consult your doctor before trying them out.
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  1. Good tips. I didn't know about them. I am sure they will help lots of girls. I also feel it is important to refer to a doctor if you have any of the above problems. It maybe something serious like PCOS and cause side effects.

  2. U r right Tanz…When i was suffering from this problem i took both and it worked for me..so I am really optimistic about them..

  3. Hi.I love your site. You always have very interesting tips. Wish I had known some of them when I was younger. I'm fortunate to say that the pain for me has reduced greatly in the past couple of years.Have you considered parsley tea as a way to help regulate menstruation?Thanks again for such a great site

  4. Im 30 nowI was having regular periods after my 2 miscarriages. But after that I had cyst but it cured by medicine s and then I had stone it also cured by medicine. Now my periods are stopped. I take meprate then only my periods come . I’m planning for baby but I’m not coming to result. Now tell what should I do to start regular my periods. Some one prescribed to take tulsi beej water in periods. Now tell should I take or not.


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