Herbal remedies to cure acne in one night

You have been planning for a party since long and just one day before you notice an acne on your face.Don’t give up just try below quick fix remedies.Remedies mentioned below can cure your acne over night and if not over night at least it well reduce the size of the acne.
1. Apply tooth paste on your skin (white one and not the gel one) and leave it over night.If you have dry acne prone skin then you can  wash of the tooth paste after 15 minutes.
2.Mix 1tsp of baking soda with 1 or 2 tsp of water and soak a cotton swab in it.Apply the solution on your acne spots and leave it over night.
3.Apply egg white on your acne before going to the bed. This will reduce down the size of your acne and if you are lucky then it will completely vanish.
4.Apply honey on the acne overnight.Honey kills all the germs and bacteria and will moisturize your skin as well.
Avid cosmetic on the day when you suffer from acne as foundation, blushes and powders doesn’t let the skin breath.Sleep for 7-8 hours and you can come up with great result.
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