Herbal remedies to cure hiccups

Hiccups in front of a group can be embarrassing and annoying. When  you get them all you think is to get rid of them as soon as possible.
A hiccup occurs when a spasm contracts the diaphragm, the muscle located at the base of the lungs. This spasm causes a rapid intake of breath followed by a rapid closure of the vocal cords. It is this closure that causes the characteristic “hic” sound. Usually hiccups last only a few minutes and are known as transient or acute hiccups.

Below are some easy remedies which helps in curing hiccups:-

1 .Eating 3-4 radish leaves helps in curing hiccups.
2. Take equal quantities of ginger and lemon juice and add black pepper in it. Lick the mixture. This helps in curing hic cups.
Do you have any remedy to contribute?
3. Drinking 1 glass of  lukewarm water helps in curing hiccups.
4. If you are suffering from severe hiccups problem then take 9-10 tulsi leaves(Basil), add 10 grams of black pepper in it and 2 grams of cardamom(choti eliachi). Make a paste or powder of all the things and mix it in 1 tsp of honey. Lick the mixture .This will give immediate relief.
These all above herbal remedies have been tried and tested by me.But do not take them if you are allergic to any of the ingredients.

Do you know any herbal remedy to cure hiccups?

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  1. Thanks Satya..I had horrufying experience with hic cups .One day I was awake till 3 a.m just because of hic cups..after wards i searched for hic cups and came with these solutions which worked for me.:)
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  2. Sonia..I just start bugging my husband and he does the arrangement for me..u can try the same too:P
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  3. He He…sonia yur comment got vanished some where..but i will give u all the tips to make yur husband do that;)
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