Herbal Remedies To Cure Nappy Rashes And Tips To Avoid Them

Nappy rashes makes babies skin red and raw. This happens due to bacteria and germs  which penetrates in the normally protected layer of skin which is exposed to the irritants.
Few tips to avoid nappy rashes are:-
1. When ever you change your baby nappy make sure you clean the area thoroughly with warm water and a soft cloth or you can use cotton wool as well.
2. Make sure you always dry the area after cleaning your baby as moisture can contribute to the problem.
3. Always buy branded nappy wipes as some of the wet wipes contain chemicals or perfumes which some time sting your baby skin especially in those cases where skin has become broken from rashes
4. If possible try and leave your baby without a nappy for some time as this allows the baby skin to breath. Whenever you leave your baby without nappy then watch out for the area where you leave the baby. It is always advisable to lay the baby on a suitable covered face.
Some of the herbal remedies which you can use to avoid baby rashes are as follows:-
1. Take 9-10 garlic cloves and take out its juice. Add 8 times of water in the juice and wash the affected area with this mixture. This will cure the baby rashes.
2. Applying basil leaves (tulsi) juice or paste on the rashes gives relief to the baby.
3. Take 1tbsp of butter and add 1/4tsp of turmeric in it. Apply the mixture on the rashes .This will help in curing the baby rashes.


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