Herbal remedies to grow hair faster


Got a hair cut down and don’t like it? Next thing which you wish for is your old hair length back again so that you can get another hair cut done. An average person hair grows about an inch in a month and maximum of six inch in a year. Hair takes time in growing but the speed of growing can be increased with various herbal remedies. These remedies boost the growing potential of hair.

Few points which should always be kept in mind for healthy and long tresses are:-

1. Be gentle while combing your hair. Use wide teeth brush and detangle your hair slowly.

2. Comb your hair once before hair wash. This reduces the tangling chances while washing them.

3. Never comb wet hair .Let them dry naturally.

4. Avoid blow dryer and straightener as much as possible.

5. Avoid washing hair every day.

6.Get regular trims in order to avoid spilt ends as spilt ends reduces the growth of hair .

7.Include foods in diet and get plenty of sleep.

8.Avoid caffeine, alcohol and smoking.

There is no scientific proven way to make hair grow faster but there are old grandma popular remedies which have shown good results. These remedies can be used on regular basis to reap good results.

1. Oiling stimulates hair growth. It’s an old popular method. You can know how to do proper oil hair treatment here. Below mentioned are various oil and their benefits. You can use them according to your hair type .You can also mix them and then apply on your scalp.

· Lavender oil-Most popular for hair growth. It has been proved that application of this on hair regularly shows significant result in the growth of hair.

· Olive oil-Olive oil is knows to reduce the stress level .This applied on regular basis makes hair strong and improve its texture as well.

· Jojoba oil-Meant for dry hair gives moisture to the hair when applied regularly. Many people use it before shampooing as this makes the hair soft and reduces tangling as well.

· Castor oil-Castor oil is quite sticky and can be mixed with other oils like coconut or almond to reduces it stickiness.

· Coconut oil-It is used for damaged hair as it is a good source of iron, potassium and magnesium.

· Almond oil-Reduces stress ,improves memory and repairs damaged hair too.

2. Aloevera plays quite an important role when it comes to growing hair fast. You can buy an aloevera plant from any nursery and cut one leaf peel off the skin and rub the gel like substance of the leaf on hair scalp. Keep it for 20minutes and wash it off with shampoo. You can buy aloe vera juice and use it in the same way too.

3. Combine yogurt with 1 egg yolk and use it as an hair mask every week. This gives shine, removes dryness and increases the length of hair.

4. This one is a gross remedy but does miracle to the hair. Buy full fat mayonnaise from the market. Apply it on your hair and scalp, comb it up and put a shower cap on it. You can sit under the sun or dry the mayonnaise with a dryer .Wash it off with a mild shampoo.You might have to wash your hair twice but don’t wash more then that as it reduce the effect of it. Mayonnaise will leave some smell as well but after an hour it will fade away.You may try this remedy on a day when you have good long time for your self.

By using any of the above remedies you will see healthy , shiny hair and regular use will make them grow faster too.


  1. I definitely try these useful tips, I have strong believe in herbs, i already been using herbal hair shampoo for my curly hairs….

  2. hii hav been havin hair fall problem for the past 9 mths please advise any remedy…as my wedding is scheduled in november this yr and i am v worried for my hair fall

  3. Hey I think you are Sonam (our new reader)I have replied you here..Please checkhttps://www.wiseshe.com/2010/04/wiseshe.html

  4. i’v been facing hair fall rapidly.. i’ve a thick curly hair and is short upto lil below shoulder.. but nowadays its going off and i feels like to cyr.. can u suggest any useful remedy??!!

  5. hey can u pls tell me something about my curly hair i want straight, shinny, long hair 🙁
    i have so many prblms like they dont grow, they are dull, dry 🙁


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