Herbal remedy for Acne cure


Acne problem is suffered by almost every one during their adolescence .Acne not timely cured can leave marks on face which are irreparable and can go only with the help of surgery. Some people acne gets cured with the help of simple remedies but some people use n numbers of remedies and medicines still doesn’t get any respite from it. Remedy mentioned here are quite famous and effective .Many people have used it and found it effective.


1.Take Neem leaves and rinse them under the flowing water. Make a paste of these leaves and put in a wet clothe. Squeeze the cloth and take out the neem juice from it. Apply this juice in morning and evening every day. If possible drink 1-2 tsp of juice daily. Follow this remedy for 15-20 days and get rid of all kind of acne problem. Don’t use any cream or oil while using this remedy .Make sure you are not constipated. Constipation is the biggest cause of acne.

2. 2tsp milai(milk cream),honey 6-7 drops and 1tsp lemon juice and mix all the ingredients together. Apply this mixture on your face for half an hour. Rinse the mixture and wash it off with warm water. Apply till your acne doesn’t get cured.



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