Herbal remedy of lemon for shiny long hair and glowing complexion

Lemon not only maintains beauty but enhances it too. There are very few people who are aware about its beauty usage. Below here is a beauty remedy of lemon which have quite inexpensive ingredients and effect of it will stay for long time and long usage of this remedy will lead to permanent effect as well.

Take one cup curd and add 1 medium size lemon juice into it. Mix both the ingredient together and apply it on your hair covering the hair scalp too. Apply it on your body including face too. Let it dry for 15-20 minutes and gently rinse it off with luke warm water. You can wash it with cold water in summer.

Using this remedy will keep your skin healthy, glowing and beautiful. It will enhance the complexion too. This remedy will show best result if you avoid using soap .In fact you will not feel the requirement of the soap using this remedy. Still if you use soap then use mild moisturized soap.

Using this remedy in hair will make hair shiny, long .lustrous and black too.


  1. ana..remembered u yday. i was wth a frnd in a restaurant..he picked up a tissue paper and started wiping his wristwatch strap ..i asked him and he said use tissue and watches shine.i tried..the strap was shining as gold…seems to work..

  2. hey buddy my good friends r alwayss in my memory yar…of course there r some virus i delete hehe…cheers and wishes always


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