Herbal Remedy To Balance Out Hair pH Balance And Reduce Oil From Hair



Vinegar is a natural way to restore pH balance of hair. It is one of the cheapest and a natural way to keep your hair dirt free and reduce oil from hair. It is quite beneficial  for oily hair, as they look greasy and dirty with in one day of washing during summers.

Below is herbal remedy which will help you out in dealing away with oil and dirt problems.

Ingredients required:-

2 Cups of water
2 branches/sprigs of rosemary flower(You can buy these from any local florist shop)
2 branches/sprigs of lavender flower
2tbsp of Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar


Take a glass jar in which sun rays can pass through and add 2 cups of water in it. Now add rosemary and lavender branches into it. Keep this jar under the sun for at least 3 hours and then remove the sprigs from the water. Now add 2tbsp of apple cider vinegar or  white vinegar in the water  and make a solution of it.

After you shampoo and condition your hair apply this solution and rinse your hair thoroughly with it. Wash it off with water.

This remedy will make your hair strong and shiny too.It will remove out all the unnecessary dirt from your hair and will reduce oil from your hair.


If you do not use  conditioner in your hair as it tends to make oily  hair oilier  then you can use the solution  after shampooing your hair.

 Do share with us any Herbal Remedy To Balance Out Hair pH Balance And Reduce Oil From Hair?


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