Herbal remedy to lose weight


Take 1tsp Trifla churana(Available in any Indian chemist store. You can buy it online as well). Take 200ml of water and add trifla churana into it. Keep the mixture over night and boil the mixture till it becomes half. Filter the churana with a sieve and add 2 tsp honey into it. Drink this mixture little when its warm only. You will notice weight loss that too in kgs with in 10-15 days only.

This is a popular remedy given by popular Yoga guru Baba Ram Dev. Many have used and have benefited from it.

This is a herbal remedy which doesn’t have any side effects but still if you are allergic to some ayurvedic herbs then you can consult an ayurvedic doctor for it.


  1. wow nice trick … Tiphala is my life saver !!! I don t do anything like this but still it helps you loose weight and it is a good tonic also.

  2. Hi Anamika..
    m reading ur blog since a yr now..but i chk it from office..so hv never commented … i hv started using several products on basis of th ereviews seen here.. I congratulate u for doing such a great job bringing ppl sharing the same interests together.
    Nothing posted yet abt beauty products on my blog but wil post soon….


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