Herbal teeth whitening methods to get rid of yellow,stained and disclored teeth

Recently in IPL finale when Shahid Kapoor was performing I noticed Shahid Kapoor yellowish teeth.I couldn’t believe my eyes. How can an actor who do  so much hard work on his look ignore this important thing. May be because of yellow flash light his teeth were looking yellowish but yellow teeths completely puts the other person off.
A bright white smile makes us look better, younger, confident and desirable too. This is the reason men and women of all ages are now deciding on teeth whitening systems to improve their smile. It is already proven that clinically assisted teeth whitening procedure from time to time cannot produce significant desirable result. This is the reason why some people who has teeth discoloration problem now resort to natural herbal remedies to find solution to their problem.

Below here is a comprehensive list of herbal remedies which can whiten your teeth.

1. Take pure Apple cider Vinegar and apply it on your teeth with the help of a tooth brush. Brush with this vinegar the way you brush with a normal tooth paste .Rinse your mouth with water after brushing with vinegar. Your teeth will whiten up and give you a clean feeling as well.
2. Take 1/4th cup of hydrogen peroxide in a cup and add 6-8 drops of mint oil in it. Blend the mixture well .Dip your tooth brush in the mixture and brush with this solution for 4-5 minutes in circular motion. When you start seeing bubbles from hydrogen peroxide rinse your mouth with warm water. You can use hydrogen peroxide as a mouth wash also. Those whose teeth have been discolored or have turned yellow because of tea or cola will see the result within 4-5 days only.
3. Mash strawberries and apply it on your tooth brush. You can rub it on your teeth every day. Brush your teeth after applying strawberry as sugar in strawberry can ruin your teeth.
4. You can rub inside of orange peel on your teeth for sparkling teeth.
5. Make a thick paste of baking soda and water and apply it on your tooth brush. Brush your teeth with it. Regular use of this remedy will remove stains. Baking soda has minuscule granular powder clean the areas which are hard to reach.
6. You can use baking soda with 1tsp glycerin and pinch of salt. Blend it into a paste and brush after a meal. Re brush with your usual tooth paste and see the difference with in a week.
7. Squeeze one lemon juice and add pinch of salt in it. Brush with this mixture. Lemon juice will help in remove discoloration of the teeth and salt will remove the stains.
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  1. Thanks for liking the tips.Hydrogen peroxide is a pale blue liquid which appears colorless in dilute solution.You can easily get it from a chemist shop or a medical store.It has wide varieties of uses .

  2. so which one is your tip which you followed…noticed your teeth after reading the comment 😛 I do the baking soda thingy…afraid of vinegar coz it would too harsh but can dilute and then try!!! lets see if I remember this tomorrow morn or even at night!!!

  3. HAHAH I USED APPLE CIDER VINEGAR TIP ONLY Swati..i keep two bottle of apple cider vinegar one near the wash basin and one in my bathroom for last rinse:)

    how u doing ?


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