Herbs which gives Long Hair Growth


Herbs which gives long hair growth

From ancient times, herbs are known to have magnificent properties which are very beneficial for the well being of humans. Also, there is an uncountable number of herbal plants and substances which Nature has bestowed for the good of human beings. Some of these herbs have been discovered and tested and tried over a vast span of time to know its benefits or uses.

Talking about herbs, here I would mention that this post is dedicated to those herbs which have proved their goodness innumerable times for the purpose of hair growth in men & women.

Everyone loves to have healthy voluminous hair on the scalp irrespective of gender. Moreover the longing for long locks is dominant among women in general and there is no wrong in that as a women’s personality and gorgeous looks is very much influenced by the length of tresses she has.

So, let’s not wait more and know about the herbs existing in Nature which are known to promote hair growth-

Parsley Leaves


parsley leaves


This is one of the most common herbal plants that are readily available in the kitchen throughout the year. This is basically popular as a garnishing and flavoring plant but only few people are aware of its benefit in hair re-growth. Parsley leaves are known to stimulate proper blood circulation of the scalp which leads to enhanced hair growth. Usually its leaves are crushed to form a smooth paste and applied over the scalp to promote hair growth and scalp cleansing in a natural way.

Spikenard or Musk Root




This herb is popularly known as Jatamansi in Hindi and is very useful in treating hair growth problems. It is the roots or rhizomes of this plant that is mainly used in treating hair problems. Jatamansi is known to promote hair re-growth and is also useful in treating the early graying of hair these days. The oil made from Jatamansi helps in relaxing the mind and is known to provide a healthy, smooth & silky texture to the hairs.

Eclipta Alba


bhringraj plant


This herb is commonly known as Bhringraj and needs no introduction when talking about hair growth problems as most of the herbal oils available in the stores claim the use of this powerful herb to combat hair problems. Bhringraj is a medicated herb which serves as an excellent hair tonic in reducing hair fall and stimulates hair re-growth. It is also effective in pre-mature graying & baldness of hair.

Aloe Vera


aloe vera


This is also a quite known name in the list of herbs which have multiple benefits. Aloe Vera plant is known to have medicinal properties which are very effective in taking care of the skin. It is also a dominant ingredient in a number of herbal products relating to skincare range. Apart from skincare it also finds great importance in relieving hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, hair thinning etc. Aloe Vera gel derived from the leaves of this plant is used on the scalp to enable scalp cleansing along with getting rid of dandruff and promoting hair strands to strengthen themselves resulting in lesser hair fall and a promoted hair growth.

Thyme plant


Thyme Plant


This is also a great herb existing in Nature which is very effective in dealing with hair problems. Thyme plant is a very powerful astringent which has anti-fungal properties and the essential oils made from this plant is used in revitalizing & stimulating the growth of hair. It is famously used as a great hair tonic as it fights dandruff problems and hair loss, which in turn leads to great and healthy long hair.

Lawsonia Inermis/Henna




Another herb useful in having long and healthy hair is Henna and is extensively used in almost every household as it is a great herbal plant with so many benefits for the health of tresses. Henna leaves are used on the scalp as they condition the hair and protect them from daily pollution and because of the cooling & scalp cleansing function it has gained wide acceptance among majority of people. Henna leaves are also used for coloring the hair as it is very natural and has no side effects.

Castor plant


Castor plant


This is also a potential herb which finds its best usage in the treatment of hair loss. The seeds of this plant are used to extract its essential oil and are used to massage on the scalp to keep the scalp nourished and enhances blood circulation which naturally leads to lesser hair fall and strengthening the hair follicles to grow faster. Castor oil also fights with dandruff problems which act as the main hindrance in having long & healthy locks of hair on the scalp.

So, the above mentioned herbs are the most effective ones which have proved their herbal actions in promoting hair growth in humans and have been tested over several years of time.

Do you use any herb for your hair growth?

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