Hermes Scarf – A Suprise Gift


Hermes Scarf

A Surprise Gift !

HI all,

The whole of yesterday saw me squealing with delight. The reason; a fab gift which actually is a corporate gift , but looking at the box I was in shock. Wanna take a look?


Hermes Scarf Gift Box+hermes stores


Yes ! A Hermes product! Now you know why I was squealing all day ! Its the famed Hermes Scarf in Twill silk (90cm). Its my first piece of ultra luxury product and I would never purchase it myself.I am not into scarves , but this one I will treasure and look after all my life as its an heirloom piece.


Hemes Paris Brand+hermes logo


The scarf comes in an orange box with Hermes imprinted. The entire package just screams “LUXURY” !


Hermes Scarf Corporate gift+hermes outlet


The best part is there is a box of instruction cards in the box on how to tie scarves  in various ways !


Hermes Scarf Knotting Card+hermès scarf


Take a closer look


Hermes Scarf Fabric+hermes price


This is how the scarf looks like. I have not yet opened it fully and don’t plan to wear it till monsoons are over in Mumbai! Don’t wanna ruin my scarf 🙂


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  1. You lucky bum!!! Its a dream possession girl. Loveeeeeeeed it!!! So happy for you.
    Next time don’t settle for anything lesser than a LE Hermes Birkin in patent black 😛

  2. hayeee!! y cant any1 gift this to me! i dont use scarves lekin frame karke latka to leti ghar me…with hermes also mentioned 😉 😉

  3. Chandni.. I work with my dad. We have a family business. This was a gift from one of the companie tht we represent in India

  4. Hi, I came across this site as I was in search of a gift from Paris to my friend on her 25th bday. My French friend in Paris suggested me of hermes and I dropped here in search of reviews. It was nice to read your review of the scarf when you received. Looks like it is really an amazing piece worthy to have. I can finalise it and hope my friend will like it too. Am not sure if I will see her again after we are separated half way across the globe after our college 2 years back and hope this will be a memorable gift.

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