Loreal Aisha collection


Hey guys!!! I checked out the loreal aisha collection today  and I think its pretty  interesting .But I was wondering Is really Sonam Kapoor wearing this in the movie?

What do you think ?It is just promotion or she is actually going to wear it?


  1. Hey Rads..I am seeing u for the first time..you look so pretty yaar..I have the powdery kajal with me..i like doing smoky eye look with it…

  2. There is a bit of product placement in aisha… hence all of this… i don't think they've actually used the products in the movie…

  3. @ Shantanu–I am a fan of Boby Deol so i wanna see it Shantanu otherwise after seeing I gate luv story i m in no mood to see Sonam Kapoor again..:[email protected] anks how can sonam kapoor rely on one kajal and blush in the whole movie..if i would have been the side actor even i wouldn't have worn the same blush:P

  4. This just a bit of gimmick, they have re-branded existing products from the current line for this. A better idea would have been to just package, maybe miniature versions of these and sell it as a pack – that would promote product trials as well as it would be more economical for us 🙂


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