Hey Mom! Its Okay To Make Yourself A Priority Sometime #Momfirst


Hey Mom! Its Okay To Make Yourself A Priority Sometime #Momfirst

Being a mom doesn’t come easy! The emotional roller-coaster that comes along with the arrival of a baby was not taught anywhere to you! You embrace motherhood with open arms and let other things take a step back in your life! Suddenly you realize all that things which mattered above and all in your life somehow hold less importance after being a mother! So Hey Mom! Its Okay To Make Yourself A Priority Sometime #Momfirst


Your world comes down to your own circle with just the baby and you. And all those motherly instincts tell you that no matter what happens or life takes you anywhere you are going to give the best to your child. Most importantly you strive to do so since the moment you hold your newborn!

Being A Mom is not easy

It takes a lot of effort in raising a child and if anybody who should understand this is you! You should never feel that your child is a responsibility to you just like your career responsibilities or any other important matter in your life! It should come to you naturally and without any burden! You don’t have to oblige your child for that matter! Your child is your most beautiful creation and the woman you were before should co-exist along with the new mother!

Besides that you are not competing with anyone and it is not that someone is going to give you the best mother award! Every mother is unique in her own way!

The time you spend with your kid doesn’t affect your parenting in any way! It is not a race! It is just that to be able to have a bond with your child so unique, you also need to equally focus on yourself!

Being Happy is Your Choice!

You are an adult and now a mother so things which excite the kids don’t give you the same happiness! You need your own space, set of friends or activities which make your happy or let you relax even if it is just for an hour or so!

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It is perfectly normal to not belong to being a mom initially or throughout! You have a life of your own and as a person you need to explore that to be happy in the first place!

The perfect mom tag surely gives you a sense of pride but if you have sacrificed a lot for that, it is not going to work in the long run! You have got to be the happy woman first without any sense of obligation!

Make Time For Yourself!

Do what it takes to make you happy! Watch a movie every fortnight; make time for your partner without the baby! There is no wrong in that and if anyone judges you for excluding your child simply ignore!

Go out with your friends, workout whenever you can and just because you have a baby doesn’t mean life has suddenly come to a halt! It is really going to give u a sense of happiness and with your happy spirits back on track; you can take better care of your child!

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It is very important to show your kid that being happy is so much more important and there is nothing to be ashamed of or feel guilty about as a mother!

Make yourself a priority sometimes and you will unravel the unique experience of motherhood without losing the person in you!

Seek Any Help

Well, being a mom myself I have had fair share of ups & downs and days of guilt but I was and still am thankful that I took professional help by hiring a nanny/ babysitter who always gave me a helping hand  when I was working with my blog and Youtube channel! Blogging makes me happy and I am really glad I followed my passion for blogging even after my daughter came in our lives! It helped me concentrate on my work and made me realize I can multi-task and manage things with a little outside help! This is my #Momfirst story when I didn’t let go of what I am extremely passionate about just because I had become a mother! Now you know exactly Why Its Okay To Make Yourself A Priority Sometime.

I am sure you too must have a #Momfirst story of yours! Don’t forget to share yours too! Use the #Momfirst and let everyone know about your #Momfirst story!




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