High ankle boots – What to wear with ankle boots

Though I found Anjaana Anjaani a disaster but Priyanka Chopraâs dressing style and make up was worth noticing.The thing which attracted me the most was the ankle boots which have gained lot of reputation again . Many Famouse celebrities like Aishwarya, Kareena Kapoor and Priyanka chopra have been sporting them on popular events.High heel ankle boots or black ankle boots have become wardrobe staple among Indian women who have strong fashion sense.


Those who have tall and lovely pair of legs can pull of ankle boots easily but those who are short like me can flatter themselves by wearing them  with jeans to all types of skirts and even dresses
Wearing ankle boots with dressy bottoms, a jump suit , denim minis and mini dresses , teamed up with opaue tights of matching color with the boots, creates an impression of having skyscraper legs.

Skirts to wear with boots – If you are a short woman then avoid wearing skirts with lengths below the knees as they make short woman look even more stumpy.
One can easily add height to them by wearing these boots. Ankle boots certainly adds more edge to your look no matter what shape and size you are. Only thing is one should wear then in a right way.
One can get these ladies ankle boots in most of the malls easily. They comes in wide variety of colors and designs .If your budget is low then there are many cheap ankle boots available outside malls as well..From vintage ankle boots to designer ankle boots all these are available in various price range in most of places with a price which suits your pocket.



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