Highlighter Makeup – How To Apply Highlighter On Face


                                   Highlighter Application: Basics & Tips to get it perfect!


 Face Highlighting

We, the beauty conscious ladies do everything to beauty ourselves but missing out on the right makeup products may not allow us to get the kind of flawlessness we actually expect at the end of our beautification rites. Another aspect that deflates our hopes towards achieving a perfect look at the end of our makeup session is our lack of knowledge of applying certain types of makeup. The above two factors are very true in the context of highlighters, one very vital makeup product. Many of us do not even know what wonders ‘highlighters’ can actually do to our face and so we don’t use it at all! And even if we use it, we use it the wrong way and that spoils our looks completely. This short highlighters application guide will inform you about the basics of highlighters plus the vital highlighter application facts.

Highlighters: The Basics:-


‘Highlighter’ as you can well understand by its name will ‘highlight’ or accentuate certain features on your face. A highlighter imparts your face a balanced reflective dewy finish, not a gaudy, over-glossy one. Highlighters are distinctly opposed to ‘concealers which hide the features which you don’t wish to show to the world or to foundations which impart your face a matte look.

The highlighter options available in the market today are: Powder highlighters, Liquid highlighters, Cream highlighters. You are to select the one according to your ease of usage and your skin tone. Makeup pros however recommend the cream highlighters because they are long-lasting and do not get smudged easily. Next when it comes to choosing the highlighter color, there are plenty to confuse you. Just bear in mind that the champagne, soft bisque shades are great for fair complexions while café, peach shades look great on dusky complexions.

Highlighters: Where to use?


Given below are some of the areas of your face where you can use the highlighter:

  1. Highlighter on Cheekbones: You can make your cheekbones look really dramatic and your face charmingly slim by highlighting the ridges of your cheekbones.
  2. Highlighting eyes: You can make your eyes really captivating by applying highlighter to eyes. But highlighting eyes is a little tricky. If highlighter is applied underneath eyebrows, small eyes look larger and expressive, if it’s applied immediately above your iris, more dimension is imparted to your eyelids. If you highlight your entire eyelid, that gives your eyes a soft charming ethereal effect.
  3. Highlighter for concealing dark circles: Using highlighters on your eyes’ innermost corners can freshen up your looks by hiding your dark circles from the world.
  4. Highlighting the bridge of your nose: If you want to make your nose look slender apply highlighter on the nose bridge. For those who have an excessively narrow nose, application of highlighter on the nose tip, will make nose look a little short and wider.
  5. Highlighting the Cupid’s bow: Well, you can play the ultimate seductress, by using this makeup secret. Proper highlighting of the Cupid’s bow will make your lips look fuller, attractive and luscious.

So these are a few guidelines for you to use highlighters for a perfect ‘wow’-type look. Always keep in mind one golden rule: Blend the highlighter thoroughly and Never ever overdo it; it’s meant for offering a soft subtle gleam to your face, not a frosted, artificial metallic gloss.

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