Himalaya Herbal Hair Loss Cream review, price, swatches and photos


By Anuradha, 

Himalaya Hair Loss cream – A year back I shifted base and because of hard water in the area I started suffering from Immense hair fall problem.When I was in search for hair loss remedies and hair loss solutions  I came across Himalaya herbal Hair loss treatment.

Price of Himalaya Herbal Hair loss is Rs 185 for 50ml

This is what the product claims :-

Enhance hair follicular density.Improves tensile strength of hair.

How it works-

1. Stimulate the Anagenic(Active)phase of hair growth cycle.

2. Induces quick multiplication of hair fiber cells

3. Improves tensile strength of hair and increase hair density.

(This Hair loss cream does not work in cases of Male pattern baldness(Baldness due to genetic reason)

How to use – Gently Massage the cream into the scalp part by part, covering the whole of the scalp. Leave overnight .Rinse in the morning if desired.

Swatches of Himalaya herbal hair loss cream

 This  product has thick paste like consistency and therefore I almost completed the product in 12-15 days .Applying it in whole of the scalp was itself a problem but I could do that for my lovely locks but worst part was washing my hair every day next morning .

Every day washing of hair lead to more hair fall.Initially I found that product was working for me but later on I realised that it was just a misconception and it was not working for me at all.

Product has pathetic medicinal smell which I had to bear whole night and it made my scalp so greasy that after a while I hated applying it on my scalp.All my pillows too have yellow stains because of the product yellowish paste.I even started wrapping my hair with a shower cap thinking I should stick to it but when I completed the whole tube I found what a waste of money and effort this product was.

I wont recommend this product at all or to anyone who is suffering from hair problem because of hard water issue.It is expensive , sticky and gross.

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  1. I'm too in doubt whether these hair gain products really work or not?
    I have used Parachute's hairfall therapy but got no +ve results..


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