Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Pack Review


Post By Ashu,
Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Pack Review

Himalaya face packs are reasonably good. This face pack has saffron, aloevera and turmeric. I wanted to have a face pack with saffron, so I got this one. I don’t actually believe that any product can make anybody fair. So all I wished was a dose of good ingredients resulting in glow.

Himlaya Herbal Fairness Pack Review

  • What the product claims: – it cleanses, lightens spots, even tones and protects. Aloevera hydrates, kaolin removes impurities and walnut helps in skin regeneration giving you a fair, blemish free skin. Annabloc is our breakthrough herbal sun block, which provides effective protection from UV rays.

Himalaya fairness pack+Indian fairness packs review

  •  Size:    100 gram
  • Price:  Rs.  110/-
  • Ingredients:Walnut: Helps in skin regeneration.
  • Aloe: Soothes, calms and hydrates.
  • Glycerin: This is awesome for skin as we all know.
  • Turmeric: Improves complexion and provides glow to skin
  • Spiked ginger lily extract: antiseptic agent
  • Greater galangal extract:  skin protectant action against ultraviolet rays and acne fighting formulation.
  • Saffron: complexion enhancer
  • Kaolin:  helps draw oils from your pores while ridding the skin surface of dead cells and dirt.


Himalaya herbal fairness pack ingredients

  •   How to use face pack– Apply evenly over cleansed face and neck, avoiding eyes. Allow it to dry for 10-15 mins. Remove with wet sponge and wash with cool water.  Use once or twice a week.


Himalaya products review+Himalaya fairness pack review

What I like about Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Pack

  • Tube packaging is easy to carry.
  • Flip cap makes it no fuss (you know digging deep into the tub etc.).
  • Himalaya products are easily available.
  • It spreads easily.
  • The consistency is creamy.
  • It’s loaded with awesome ingredients.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • A ready to use face pack without the hassle of mixing etc. Perfect for quick pampering.
  • It leaves skin smooth and slightly lighter (temporary).
  • The smell is nice.
  • It has UV protecting ingredient, which is a new thing in a face pack as far as I know.


What I do not like Himalaya Herbals Fairness Face Pack


  • It has parabens.
  • The main con for me was that it burns unbearably for first 5 minutes. It feels like the skin is on fire.
  • The sun protection doesn’t work as such. I couldn’t see any decrease in tanning.
  • Verdict: An average face pack, which could be used for the herbs it contains. But I am not going to get it again as it burns so much. Himalaya’s neem and mud face pack work better for me.


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  1. Nice review Asu. In fact all Himalaya Face packs give me a really burning sensation. But they are also the most effective for my skin and have yielded pretty good results. This one also worked great in removing tan.
    Bad it did not work for you. Nice detailed post Asu. :yes: :yes: :yes:

  2. I have almost stopped using Himalaya face packs now..i think i should start with them but sadly it didn’t worked for you 🙁

  3. After reading this review I think am gonna stop using himalaya’s face packs and other stuff too, I have it’s peel-off which i just want to throw on dust bin. :wallbash: :pissedoff:

  4. i have oily skin..n the best face pack in patanjali’s face pack’kantilep’.

    my sis has dry skin..its suits her skin too..its good folr all skin types.

    if it is used regularly, it tightens the skin n removes blemishes.

    try it once, u will love it.

  5. I tried this..works just like any other packs of theirs na..

    Zara this does brighten up your face..but tan..mmm..pata nahi i’m not tanned on my face and never tried on hands :sidefrown: :struggle:

  6. hey, i just wanted to clear something up…this himalaya fairness face pack right, should i use it on my face while its still moist or should i dry my face up first before i apply it?? because it seems really hard to spread across my face when its dry so i was wondering whether i was doing it right…anybody?

  7. Hi Anjali..

    This product really worked for me..
    Summers leave a horrendous impact on my skin. After summers my skin gets one shade darker than its typical shade and gets to be uneven.

    As I don’t do make up on regular schedule so all the tanning and tan spots get are visible and anyone with an ordinary vision could undoubtedly bring up out. So I usually make use of Himalayas Fairness pack..

    So try using it.. 🙂


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