Himalaya HiOra-K Mouthwash Review


Himalaya HiOra-K Mouthwash Review 

Hi All,

We all know that dental Hygiene is of utmost importance and I too try and take a little extra care of my teeth. So while shopping, when I couldn’t find my usual buy, ‘Listerine’ in stock, I decided to give Himalaya’s Mouthwash a try. And I have only 8 words to say… I  have already bought Listerine from another store. 🙁 🙁

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About Himalaya HiOra-K Mouthwash:

HiOra mouthwash has antimicrobial, antiplaque, antiseptic, analgesic and refreshing properties. HiOra mouthwash has active herbal ingredients that act against common strains of oral bacteria and fungi and prevent gum and tooth disease. HiOra mouthwash helps tone gums and help in the prevention and treatment of gum disease. HiOra mouthwash gives a refreshing feeling in the mouth and helps overcome the embarrassing problem of halitosis or bad breath.

  • Indications:Dental plaque/tartar, Gingivitis, Halitosis
  • Side Effects: No known side effects.
  • Precautions: For dental use only. Not to be swallowed.


  • Pilu (Salvadora persica)
  • Bibhitaka (Terminalia bellerica)
  • Nagavalli (Piper betle)
  • Gandhapura taila (Gaultheria fragrantissima)
  • Ela (Elettaria cardamomum)
  • Peppermint satva (Mentha spp)
  • Yavani satva (Trachyspermum ammi)

Use Directions:

  • Rinse mouth thoroughly for 30 seconds with 15 ml (3 teaspoonfuls/one capful) and expel.
  • Use twice daily or as directed by the doctor.

  • Quantity:  215 m
  • Price:  136INR

My experience with this mouthwash:

I hate this with every breath in my body! It stings my mouth like crazy and the taste makes me wana puke!

I know, I know, we aren’t meant to taste and swallow this but it leaves such a bad taste in my mouth that I have to rinse because of which the effects of the mouthwash are rendered useless.

mouthwash reviews, 	oral care products, 	sensitive teeth	,  	mouthwash review, 	mouth wash, 	dental care products,

Although I stopped using this immediately after 4-5 uses, my hubby continued to do so ( for my benefit since I wanted to write an accurate review about this). He has very sensitive teeth and we thought maybe it would work well for him. He did experience some relief from his toothaches but not much and after about 3weeks of tolerating this he too switched back to Listerine since he couldn’t tolerate the taste any more.

To some it may sound kiddish but the taste is really intolerable, although this may be totally subjective.

The only good point I can think of is that this stings the mouth so badly that hands down no bacteria can stand it and will probably die point blank on contact 😉

Has anyone used this and liked it or had a similar experience?

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  1. Nice review Zara :), but I have always used Lysterine (the best ) as I find Colgate one to be very strong and leaves me with no option but to rinse 🙁

    A, nice eye makeup for Diwali, for the first time even I tried something for Diwali 😀

  2. hey divs…i like both colgate ad listerine..both sting but atleast it leaves ur mouth feelin fresh…this ones makes u feel like puking! 🙁

    • Zee bas karo….since a week all i hear form you is about sweets :D:D by the way ..i just had spinach and cheese sandcwich ..CCD wala aiwth cold coffeee..yummmm ..slurpppp!!

      • wow spinach corn sandwich !!!!! my favourite from CCD !!!
        why did u mention it dear..
        ok me going to search for fresh spinach on the way back home . i have some corn in my fridge. would go and make it for dinner !!!

        • yaa and add a cheese slice also into it…wah wah !!! u r a complete foodie like me Mitha 😀

          i am thinking of making some nice dishes in the coming week ,,,any suggestions ?

          • i tried the CCD spinach corn recipe once at home. it came near close to that.
            u just need to saute flour in butter add boiled spinach and corn add pepper powder and let it dry. spread it on bread slices and sandwich it with a slice of cheese !!!toast it lightly
            voila !!! Ur sandwich is ready

            Wow !!! Then invite me as your guest !!!
            what type of food do u love most anu
            by the way I have another recipe post ready !!!
            do u post it only once a week or can I send it to u !!!

            • u can send it when ever u want 🙂 ..i am lazy in cooking so post it once a week :D:D

              ohh u mean spinach and corn in white sauce with cheese inside..omg !! sound so delicious..we should have a sandwich series ..i love having them 🙂

              • yes try it na . u cant even make difference beween CCD sandwich and home made one 🙂
                why to unnecessarily spend money if we can make the same at home !!!
                it tastes just yum !!!
                sandwiches are my weakness !!!

  3. Clohex is good.. The doc recommended it to my grandmom and Ive started using it.. It is really mild and good.. People who suffer from mouth ulcers and cannot use strong mouthwashes can use this

  4. i had the xact same xperience wid this too zara. It so horribly strong. I barely used it twice coz i just cudnt stand the taste. I love colgate plax (the green 1 )

  5. I like Listerine and Colgate mouthwashes. But I would definitely try this one to see how bad it could smell…*hands down no bacteria can stand it and will probably die point blank on contact* I couldn’t stop laughing… ha ha poor bacteria. <3

  6. Thank god people agree that HiOra atleast kills bacteria completely….n i guess thts wat people aim at….rather then pampering the bacteria…..rite!!!!….:)


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