Himalaya Protein Hair Cream Review


By Ashu,                         Himalaya Products – Himalaya Protein Hair Cream Review

  • What the product claims: – Extra nourished and stronger hair. Natural proteins. Stronger roots.
  • Size: 50 ml
  • Price: Rs 30/-
  • Ingredients: Chickpea, wheatgerm, alma

Himalaya Protein Hair Cream Review

  • How to use use daily before and after hair wash. Massage gently on scalp and hair. Leaving it for an hour before shampooing. Apply to damp hair after every wash.
  • My experience:-I have been using this product once a week before shampooing. I wet my hair as then the cream spreads more easily then I just leave it for an hour and then shampoo. Used it after shampoo once but the hair became heavy. I have rebounded hair so anything with protein makes me hair happy. And considering this cream has so many herbal things, I like it. It does make my hair softer and shinier after using. Though I don’t know much about stronger roots but haven’t seen any side effects. Now the pros and cons 🙂


Himalaya Protein Hair Cream Review


The pros:

  • Flip cap tube. So quantity could be controlled easily.
  • I couldn’t identify the fragrance but it’s quite rich smelling and nice too.
  • The cream spreads easily and is absorbed quickly.
  • It’s white but becomes transparent when applied so all you can see is dampness in hair.
  • Shiny and softer hair.
  • Contains chickpea, amla, wheatgerm, bhrinraja
  • Dirt cheap.

Just by looking at the cream one can know how smooth it is:)

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The cons:

  • Contains parabens
  • The claim that it could be used after shampoo is false as the hair becomes heavy.


  • Verdict: it’s a decent product and now I am going to try more himalaya hair care products 🙂


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  1. I used it once but it made my hair real sticky and weird and din even give me any results so I din use it again…nywaz I donno why but Himalaya hair care range doesn’t suit me 🙁

    • sad to hear that it doesn’t suit you swati…though i have some good experience with them and few of my friends as well.
      does Biotique hair care range suit you?

    • ya it happened with it me too. but the reason was when i applied it as per the instructions on the pack (u kno leave it on). but when i used it before shampooing the nit worked wonderfully. try it . 🙂

      • thanks ashu…I shall try it that way next time then and waise bhi I need a hair mask or cream kind of a thing for these summers…it will too hot to put oil 🙁
        yeah anamika, biotique suits me but I have tried only musk root pack from their hair range….I am eyeing the henna mask and bark lifting shampoo which you reviewed or probably I’ll settle for Ramdev’s shampoo coz both have SLS in them…yeah waise himalaya anti-dandruff suits my dad but he says that the dandruff stays away only till you use the cream otherwise it comes back which is pretty bad according to me…waise have you tried any body lotion from himalaya or do you have any suggestion for body lotion which is light and cool…not vaseline though…put this as a question from ma side please…lets see if I get good suggestions 🙂

  2. oh….thats a new kind-a product for me…if applied as a conditioner, it will make hair heavy! and if u apply it before shampooing, then no it could be a replacement of shampoo, aisa kya ?:-) ?:-)

    • hey prerna, actually its jus a nourishemnt supplement for hair. i dont think it should replace oil or conditioner. its a tonic u can say.

  3. @anamika i have a question ?:-) ..if we use black tea as a hair rinse should we leave it off on hair or should we wash it with water again… :-/


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