Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review


Hello kids! Today we will be reviewing a virtually useless product which goes by the name of Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips. They are quite easily available, and since I was thinking of getting my upper lips quickly hair-free, I decided to use up one of these beauties.


Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop

To give this product its due, there are actually 12 wax strips inside, but the problem begins from there. The instructions I received clearly stated to rub and warm the strips between my palms before applying it over the area, rubbing towards the hair growth direction (??) and peeling off against the hair growth.

Price: 50 INR.

Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop steps

So I did.

And nothing happened.

Okay, let me give details. Or rather, pictorial evidence of what happened. First, I removed one strip.

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Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop waxing strip


Then I rubbed it to make it warm, and then peeled the two strips apart.

Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop+ waxing strip

And this is what happened. A fat strip of peel was… well… unpeeled. This strip had to be scrapped.

I used the other part over my errant upper lip. Did everything prescribed.

And I pulled.

Now, before I say anything further, let me show you a picture of the hair on my upper arm. As I am naturally not very hirsute, I generally have baby fine hair. As my upper lip venture went unsuccessful, I decided to tear off a few hairs from my upper arm with the aid of the wax strip.

For your viewing pleasure.

Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop wax strip

Now You See It.

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And now you don’t….err…actually, I could still see it 😉

Do you know, the strip could not pull off more than 3-4 hairs of my hand? And on my upper lip, it could not pull off even one?

So, I decided to wipe off my efforts with the after-wax depiltowelette, which is nothing more than a tissue soaked in oil. Pleasantly smelling, though.

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Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips Review+ hiphop+ facial hair removal

I was so unhappy with the entire experience, that I opened the fridge and ate some chocolates. However, in hindsight, it did not break me out. That must be some compensation.

Why I like the Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips:

  • Cheaply priced
  • Depiltowelette has nice smell
  • Does not break me out

Why I don’t like the Hip Hop Facial Wax Strips:

  • Did not remove hair at all
  • Strip wax separates unevenly
  • For 12 wax strips there is only 1 depiltowelette (?)

Verdict: 2/5

Will I Repurchase? Are you kidding me?


Have you tried these wax strips? Did they fare any better with you?


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      • Yes! Even Revlon and Avon have been removed from Peta’s List! Kudos to Urban Decay that they reverted their decision of selling in Chine due to this Animal testing thing. I am not going to buy MAC now! such a bad news this is!

    • I for one have seen the negative effects of non-animal tested products on my skin… so I personally believe that if plants can be used to test, then animals can be too. it is cruel, but ultimately it is also for the personal best.

  1. ummmmmmmm my maid will be thrilled….one day black head removal and one day upper lip hair removal….well i was doing some browsing when i came upon some stuff bout them….i have never believed that no one tests on animals…..impossible even the body shop…cause they have to see major reactions on them first….its just a matter of saying ‘ against animal cruelty ‘ ….else they’d never be able to launch any cosmetics.

  2. Such a bakwass product! OMG…. Kick it out….

    Yes… many companies that do not practice animal testing outside China.. are forced to test their products on animals before the people of China are exposed to them… this is by-law there..

    I recently read an article by Urban Decay claiming that they will try to do their level best in the Chinese market and convince the gov against animal testing.. but stilll would go ahead with their launch in China.. so until then they are gonna do animal testing!!!! 🙁

    • also, being one of the pioneer nations to eat animals apart from Japan and America, China really does not care if 14 rabbits died for one lipstick. however, I have seen that many so-called NO ANIMAL TESTING companies DO animal testing (in limited amounts, mind you) so I guess they’re even.

        • I know! the products are rubbed into their eyes and they then bleed to death! I wonder when we are advancing in Science then too we need this cruelty?

          • i think the more we advance in scientific development, and we fail to realise we are being a reason to cause entire species to go extinct and the cruelty that goes with it (makes me sick !! :sick: )?? .. not just cosmetics, normal medicines, leather, fur .. and i wonder when did we lose touch with our human side ..

            • i think it was always there…but now the balance is shifting…before gud n bad were balanced..now it just tiping over in s bid to earn more money..

  3. 😮 .. All waxing strips turn dud on me .. even veet bowed out .. only my salon wala waxing strip is strong enough to fight my body hair (its quite thick) .. upper lip tho definitely salon only ..
    business wise China is new emerging market for everything today .. and that being a communist nation you abide the law like MAC or move out like UD .. but its sad to know animal testing is a law .. 🙁

  4. hey poorna….it actually did the opposite for me :-)) . it did remove my facial hair almost fully but gave me zits. and i am normally acne-free. i used this 2 times and both times, i got acne 😥

  5. how disappointing!!

    i had tried waxing on my face some 6-7yrs back….i had such a bad break out that it took close to a yr for my skin to recover…this is something i wud never try..i thot this wud b fine for those with sparse hair…but its so useless!

  6. Hey i just tried my hip hop facial waxing strips that i purchased last week and it took off all the upper lip hair in one go!!! did u have sweat or oil on the skin poorna when u tried it. I put some threading powder on my uppper lip and then did the waxing it was good !!!!!


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