Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub Review


Hello All,

Recently I changed my skin care products and tried some new brands, out of which some turned great on me and some made my skin worse. I had used Hip Hop nail polish remover wipes and lipstick remover wipes. I searched for some affordable skin care and came across the Hip Hop range and I bought its Kiwi face scrub. Now let me share my experience with it.



About Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub:

Hip Hop kiwi fruit exfoliating scrub contains real kiwi fruit extracts. A unique & advanced scrub specially formulated with micro granules to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, oils& impurities from deep within the skin, refining skin to new clarity & leaving a lingering fragrance of fresh kiwi. Good for all skin types.

How To Use Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub:-

Moisten face & neck, gently massage for a minute in circular motion with finger tips avoiding eye area. Rinse well with water & pat dry.



  • Price: Rs. 80 /-
  • Quantity: 120g.
  • Shelf Life: 36 months.
  • Key Ingredients:  Kiwi Extracts, Aloe vera, Honey, Vitamin C



My Experience with Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub:-

Face scrub with kiwi extracts, and this was something which attracted me towards it. I have always loved this fruit and whenever I see kiwi in the market I buy it.



The packaging of Hip Hop Kiwi face scrub is as similar to any other drug store product that is in a tube with a flip top cap. The texture and consistency of the scrub is not at all runny but its thick just similar to Lotus Apricot scrub with granules quiet harsh on the skin. The scrub has to be rubbed with lighter hands. The smell is very light and if we sniff from the tube, we get a fruity smell which vanishes the time we start rubbing on the face. It doesn’t leave any lingering smell though it claims this. The scrub is priced very reasonably for 120g of the products which is a lot to go. It has been a month since I am using this and though the scrub granules are big and harsh but it has never lead to any break out on my skin in fact it makes my skin very smooth. I use it ones a week when I feel a need of deep exfoliation. I was in two minds when I bought this but it came up to my expectations. Though it is not a product which is a necessity for my skin but I can say that it is an above average product which can be used ones a week to clean up the pores and shed the dead skin. It can be used by both dry and oily skinned people. I being a oily skinned gal, it never dried up my skin nor made my skin more oily.



What I like about Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub:-


  • Reasonably priced
  • Good amount of product
  • Packaging is sturdy and product won’t spill out even if dumped in my hand bag
  • Good for dry as well as oily skin
  • Leaves the skin clean and fresh
  • Helps in shedding dead skin
  • Great for deep exfoliation
  • Average product


What I dislike about Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub:-


  • Available only online
  • Not meant for daily use
  • Granules are a bit harsh
  • Doesn’t leaves back any smell lingering on the face 😉


Rating: 3/5

Will I try Hip Hop Kiwi Face Scrub Again ?


The quantity is so much that it may take 2-3 months for me to finish it, and I always love using new brands so I don’t think I will re-purchase it but it’s a product which can be used without any fear of getting any break outs 🙂


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