Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack Review


Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack


Hi All!
I’m on a review spree these days or rather on a Hiphop review spree. As you may be a little confused after reading the title, let me make it clear that I’m not reviewing a face pack kind of thing for nose. It is a blackhead removal strip. We have already some blackhead removal strips in the market and they for useless mostly.


hiphop deep cleansing nose pack

Lets find out the results of this product

About Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack


hiphop deep cleansing nose pack review


Price- INR 90 for 5 strips

Shelf-life- 2 years

Ingredients: Polyvinyl alcohol, Glycerine, Iso propyl alcohol, Titanium dioxide, Methyl paraben, Di Potassium Glycrrhizinate, Deionized water, Bht, PVP, Activated carbon, Tea tree oil, fragrance

How to use


hiphop deep cleansing nose pack use


Packaging: The strips come in a carton that contains five sachets for five strips. The box also has a conditioning tissue packaged separately.



hiphop deep cleansing nose pack blackhead

My experience with Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack:

I have oily skin with a shiny nose that does not suffer from huge blackheads thankfully. My nose is smooth mostly. But yes if looked closely, I do have teeny-tiny something on my nose resembling blackheads. My earlier experience with another strip zero results so I was not expecting much from this one as well.


hiphop nose pack

I used it exactly like instructed and left it on my nose for around 20 minutes. And then I peeled it of slowly and the strip came out without any pain. But strip was clean barring a few really micro-sized hair 😛

I checked my nose and my mini nose bumps were there in their full glory! So another blackhead removal strip that is totally useless.

The conditioning tissue is a useless damp thing, again only one tissue for five strips.


hiphop blackhead removal strip

What I Like about Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack:

  • – Easy to use
  • – Cheap
  • – Does not cling badly to skin
  • – Hygienic packaging

What I don’t like about Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack:

  • – Does nothing for blackheads
  • – The packaging has only one tissue

Do I recommend Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack : No way!!

Rating- .5/5

Have you tried Hiphop Deep Cleansing Nose Pack?

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  1. Hip-HOp…. after such a dancy name i must hve guessed abt its dancy(dicy) products… such a useless product >:(

  2. Hey everyone…I happened to use these and I actually liked them…they are way better than the rest of the products in the market…I realized that I needed to get the strip super wet for it to after sticking it onto my nose, I took a wet cotton and dabbed it all over..and it did! Well of course you can’t compare it with the salon clean ups…but works when you are on the go!! I am leaving for UK in a month and I am definitely gonna take a few with me!! 🙂


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