Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Facewash Review


Hi Beautiful People!
I’m here again with a product review. I get bored of products easily and keep changing them. Pond’s facewashes and Pantene shampoos were the only things that I used for a really long time but not any more. Today I’m reviewing a facewash that claims to contain micellar water! Yes, the same thing that is the main component of cleansing waters. This is Hiphop Salt and Sugar Gel face wash. So gel and micellar water attracted me towards it.


hiphop salt & sugar gel face wash review

About Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash



hiphop salt & sugar facewash review

Price– INR 90 for 120 ml



hip hop salt & sugar gel face wash

Shelf-Life: 3 years

Packaging, Texture and Fragrance: Hiphop salt and sugar gel face wash comes in a sturdy and opaque flip-top tube. Again, I don’t like the looks of this Hiphop packaging too.

The texture is that of a gel but not very thick. It is a clear gel. The fragrance is mild and pleasant.


hiphop salt & sugar facewash

My Experience with Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Face Wash

The facewash is not runny so it is easy to use it. It claims to control sebum and smoothen skin. It does clean my skin well. I dont get any stretchy feeling after using this but my face feels clean and fresh. It removes makeup but not the waterproof kind even though it claims to. My skin is considerably better these days apart from the usual chip-chip so I can’t really comment on the ‘removes dullness’ part.

It claims to be the purest forms of cleansing with salt and sugar but still it contain SLES and parabens πŸ™ I don’t know how effectively it exfoliates skin as it has no scrub particles.

Its an average product and there’s nothing extraordinary about it.

What I Like about Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Facewash:

  •  Perfect consistency
  • Pleasant fragrance
  • Cleanses well
  • Does not dry out the skin
  • Cheap
  • Sturdy Packaging

What I don’t like about Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Facewash:

  • SLES and parabens
  • Does not remove waterproof makeup

Do I recommend Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Facewash?
Not sure. If you want a change from your regular facewash and do not mind chemicals, give it a try.

Rating- 3/5

Have you tried Hiphop Salt & Sugar Gel Facewash?

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  1. By the name of it, I thought it might contain granules for scrubbing πŸ˜‰ looks like an average face wash.. Nicely reviewed Maitri πŸ™‚

  2. Gel face washes are good for my oily skin, however the point that this one didnt remove water proof makeup is like a thumbs-down thing for me.

  3. Unique combination: salt, sugar n micellar watet :laugh: Never come across anything like this b4. Nice review Maits. N me too no like hip hop’s new packaging.


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