Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Review


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Product: Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub

Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub


What the company claims:

Awaken your senses with unique & hot new concept of rejuvenating face scrub with real Coffee bean. Contains real Coffee Bean extract, Shea Butter, Wheatgerm Oil, Vitamin C & E. Coffee Bean extract lightly exfoliates skin, reduces inflammation and awakens senses. Shea Butter & Wheatgerm Oil help in reducing blemishes & scars, rejuvenates damaged skin cells increasing blood flow to promote new cell growth. Also contains Vitamin C working as an anti-oxidant agent and helps in skin lightening leaving it rejuvenated. Suitable for all skin types.

How to Use: Moisten face & neck. Squeeze a quarter sized portion of the scrub and apply all over face & neck with wet fingertips. Gently massage for a minute in circular movement avoiding eye area. Rinse well with water & pat dry.

Ingredient List:  

Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Ingredients


Price: INR 50 for 60 g and INR 80 for 120 gINR 80 for 120 gms

Packaging: Flip cap tube. No issues with hygiene.

Urbantouch has started carrying a huge inventory of Hiphop products and their prices are so reasonable that I couldn’t help adding a few to my shopping cart. This here is a coffee scrub. I do not drink coffee at all but I sure do the warm aroma of coffee beans. That was the only reason I got this scrub and did not have any high expectations from it.

It smells of coffee, a very sweet and milky coffee. It smells a tad bit artificial, but pleasant nonetheless. I love using this delicious scrub in these winter days. The texture is creamy, but no too thick. It easily spread all over. The granules are not mild at all. This definitely isn’t the kind of scrub you can use daily.

Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub Swatches

It leaves my skin feeling clean and smooth. Even in the winters my skin doesn’t feel dry, though it is to be noted that I have oily skin which hardly ever feels dry. I love the fact that the product claims to be free from parabens and is not tested on animals! How cool is that!!


What I like about Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub:


  • Smells of coffee…who doesn’t like coffee on a cold winter day!
  • Texture is creamy and granules are not too mild or too harsh.
  • Does a great job of cleaning my face.
  • Price is great!
  • Claims to be non-comedogenic.
  • Paraben free.
  • Not tested on animals.

What I don’t like about Hiphop Skin Care Coffee Face Scrub:


  • Ingredient list seems incomplete.

Will I recommend this: Totally…there’s hardly anything to lose. I am myself going to try some other products from their line!


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  1. wow nice one swati..does dis one smells lyk coffee swati..i toh luv d nature co. n dis toh 1/3 rd of d price..if dis one smells as gud m gonna get dis :-))

        • oh! I am such an idiot! I never dared to enter the new Nature’s Co. store although the fragrance was always so welcoming. I always thought the products would be like Lush, very costly and I’ll make a fool of myself! need to check the store once. it looks so promising :hypnotized:

  2. I have ths and completely love it :inlove: favortesht scrub after my Nature’s co coffee scrub…sasta, and tikao, smells heavenly too. Guess what I got ek pe ek free from Dorabjee so have two of these now 🙂 …

    • Zaara it works for my skin which is dry combination..Unfortunately the offer was for limited time only..Last time I went no offer:( Yes it smells like coffee toffee..Reminds me of my school days..when I used to have around ten fifteen of those in my bag all the time :-))

    • Yeah…exactly like coffee toffee…very sweet sugary smell…Z I think your dry skin would like this because it is quite moisturising…I don’t think an oily like me could use this in summers…abhi winters hai toh I am able to get away with this! 🙂

      I forgot to mention in the review that it would not suit extremely oily skin! 😕

  3. i hv this scrub too.. yes the coffee aroma is too pleasing… i luv it after a long day at work.. though as u mentioned rightly.. the particle seem to very abrasive and not fit for daily use.. i mix this wit my cleanser and use so that i don put pressure on my skin..


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