Hiphop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes Review


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  • Product: Hiphop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes


Hiphop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover Wipes reviews


What Hip Hop Nail Polish Remover Pads Claims:-

  • Quick, clean & effortless way to remove Nail Polish.
  • Acetone Free Formula – does not over dry or damage nails.
  • Conditions & Moisturise the cuticles.
  • One single wipe is enough for 10 nails.


Hiphop Skin Care Instant Nail Polish Remover


Ingredients:  See pic. Contains Amyl Acetate, Citronella Oil, Lemon Oil, Glycerin, Castor Oil & Vitamin E.


How to Use the pads


Hip hop product nail+Nail polish remover pads+Nail polish +Nails


  • Remove one single wipe with the tweezer (provided inside the carton).
  • Moisten all painted nails with the wipe one by one & start wiping out the nail polish with the same wipe.
  • Close the container immediately after removing the pad.
  •  INR 75 for 30 wipes. Available on for INR 68
  • Packaging: the 30 wipes are stored in a handy screw-top plastic tub with an additional lid. They also provide a cute plastic tong for removing a wipe for usage.


Nail polish remover pads India Hip Hop

  • Smell: It is supposed to have a tangy fragrance. The fragrance is citrusy, artificial and really intense. Those with sensitive nose might not like the smell. I for one don’t mind it at all.


What I liked about Hiphop Nail Polish Remover Wipes


nail polish remover pads


  • One wipe is more than sufficient for 10 nails. In fact, there was more than enough substance left on the wipe even after cleaning 10 nails.
  • Acetone free. So does not dry out or harm the nails in any way.
  • Does not leave a whitish cast behind.
  • Not tested on animals.
  • No parabens.

What I did not liked about Hiphop  Nail Polish Remover Wipes 

  • Availability might be a problem. I got mine from an online shop.
  • The smell might be a turn-off for some.


Will I buy it again: Yes!


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  1. I love these …. My nails , me moms nails plus me sisters nails …. wiped everyones nails in just one pad … everything was off … just zooooofff ….. ahahhahahahha ….. :tap-dance:

    Dint like hip hop waxing strips … 🙁 that was a waste …..


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