Holi Fun At Wiseshe


Holi Fun At Wiseshe

Heya People,

Is your Holi Fever over????? I hope not, because we are still not over it and have something special to share today.

By the way how was your Holi? I hope it was all full of joys and colors, mine was great, had lots of ghujiyas and enjoyed a lot. Holi has so much to love about, the yummy delicacies, dhinchak music, group dances, smearing colors on each other and saying “ Bura Na Mano Holi Hain”, it is all so joyful and a day to leave the sour memories behind.

Well, coming to the talk of the day, as I already said Holi fever cannot get over before I share something with you all and that’s the Holi pictures of wiseshe team. The girls enjoyed a lot this Holi and their pictures say the whole fun story. Have a look.

Ira’s Holi Fun

Holi Look - IRA

The very beautiful Ira looked all the more beautiful with all pink – green Holi colors. Her hubby accompanied her in all the Holi fun. That’s such a cute selfie, don’t you all agree? The picture says it all about how much fun these two had together.

Maitri’s Holi Fun

Holi Look - MAITRI

Here we have Maitri, the pout selfie trend is not over yet and a pout with a Holi face is that trend which needs all our love, after all getting along with the festive mood is the real thing to do. We love you with this multi colored face, but I see you have not oiled your hair, hope the Holi colors do not damage your hair 😛

Madhubani’s Holi Fun


Madhu enjoys every festival to its fullest and for this Holi she did the same. She had loads and loads of fun. That’s some serious Holi celebration I must say, entire face smeared with Holi colors makes this a fabulous Holi themed face, not to miss the lovely girl in her arms, cannot stop smiling after seeing her.

Ritika’s Holi Fun

Holi Look - RITIKA

Looks like Ritika chose to stick with her favorite Red color for Holi as well. A white t shirt, oiled hair tied in a bun and some tint on lips completes her holi look. She had more fun with Holi dances & delicacies than the colors due to skin sensitivity issues, but as you see a little gulaal Holi never hurts.

Anamika’s Holi Fun

Holi Look - ANAMIKA

And here I am….. How can I not be here? I am all set for the Holi celebration with oiled hair, generously moisturised skin and an oversized pair of shades to keep my eyes protected from colours. What do you guys think, is it the green colour or the orange colour that suits me more?

So this was how our Wiseshe team enjoyed Holi, it was all full of zeal and colours. Hope you too had a Fun filled Holi!

Watch Full Holi Video Here

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  1. And all are looking as beautiful as ever.. Ana, all the colors are suiting you.. To the tee.. The gulals as well as the lippie 🙂

  2. Such pretty pics! I like bright colors on holi so i wud say that green looks better Ana!
    I have oily hair so i rarely use oil anyways 😀 My hairdresser always says that nothing can damage my hair 😛


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