Home Made Beauty Tips For Soft Hands & Hair Flyaways Solution


Kriti asks,

Hi girls,

I really like wiseshe.com,once I was looking for some product reviews online,while googling,I came across wiseshe.I usually do not have so much time to surf since I am a PG student of Gynaecology&Obstetrics,but when when I relax,I do like visiting wiseshe so much,it really helps in making quick decisions when buying products.
Today,I am in a liitle trouble,actually when practicing in the hospital,I have to wear surgical gloves and scrub and wash my hands so many times with strong disinfectants and get them sterilized so much with alcohol that my hands got soo… scaly and very dry,plus at home,again got to deal with soap,dishwasher,washing powder,its adds to the damage.Please,if anyone has homemade beauty tips that I can apply on my hands before sleeping,please help me,I’ll appreciate your suggestion.

And if anyone knows cute,simple & practical hair styles for work,please help me,I usually do simple poney tails but in the middle of the day,if I happen to come across a mirror,It feels that I got an electric shock,all my flyaways are standing straight….Thank you in advance for your immense help girls….

home made beauty tips for soft hands

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  1. Hellos…I am not sure about the hands…the best I know is to keep a hand cream handy and apply every time you wash your hands!

    For flyaways, apply a gel…after you tie up the hair in a pony tail. Or use a serum…it works for me!

  2. Kriti, the answer to both the questions is moisturisation. For moisturising your hands, try a mixture of castor oil and olive oil before sleeping. your hands will get sticky so try doing it before going to bed. You will see drastic results within couple of days. And for hair, again moisturise your hair as much as you can and try using a hair serum. I really like Loreal Absolute repair hair mask and I use loreal Lumi oil serum after washing. the combo keep my hair looking good throughout the day 🙂

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  3. take few drops of almond oil and apply in your hands and sleep on it… 🙂 i’m sure yu would find the diif in a week… also easy tip is apply your regular body lotion after your hand washes in day time… 🙂 i do this way…

  4. Kriti! I understand your hand problem, I’m an anesthesiologist myself. The gloves, sterilium all cause extreme dry hands. Try using powder free gloves, if you are in a private institute. Powder is the culprit with gloves. I know will be a bit impractical at times, Esp for labour room.

    Keep some good moisturiser in your apron pocket, to slather on after OT and LR. I used cetaphil lotion. Its non oily, so doesn’t interfere with writing notes and files. At night, you can use something richer like olive oil or even borolin works fine for me.

    At home, wear rubber kitchen gloves for working with detergents and soaps

    About the hair, let the other beauties handle it! There I don’t have much to tell 🙂


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