Home Made Chocolate and Honey Lip Balm swatches


This post is for my darling friend Menu ahemm Meenu I mean.

Day before yesterday I shared chocolate lip balm and honey lip balm recipe .I and my husband are enjoying both of these lip balms.Hubby being a die hard chocolate lover prefer chocolate one more.

lip balm recipe

Chocolate Lip balm -Few of you thought that it might taste bitter because of cocoa powder in it but it doesn’t.It has chocolate fragrance but not the taste (though I wish it could have that too).

It gives a slight brown  glossy chocolaty tint to my lips  and this is how it looks .Initially some tiny  cocoa powder particles were visible but when I rubbed them  they melted.

Honey lip balm recipe

 I like honey lip balm more because it can be used as a lip gloss as well .Here is a  pic where I was wearing colorbar velvet matte lipstick .

Chocolate lip balm recipe

and this is how it looks after applying honey lip balm 

It gives a natural sheen and stays for about 2 hours easily and in between one can enjoy the honey tastes of the lip balm.


  1. awesome..!! i got 4 products in total..! 😀
    and 3 from body shop i think! 😛 😛
    should i send u the pics 😛 😛 😀

  2. THANKKKIIIIEEESSS very very much. funally u did this post *sigh*.
    actually i wanted to see chocolate tint coz i was thinking of making this one on sat (me too die hard chocolate lover…… same pinch to your hubby)
    but now i have to make both….. honey balm looks nice too….

  3. u r always welcome sweets 🙂
    both are hydrating and nice to use..just find cute pots and u will love using it..my hubyby is taking it along to his oophhise toda y :D:D

  4. he is not like that…:(( now i will ask to do that and praise me in front of his friends…lolz

    friday is here….whats the plan for the weekend?

  5. plan?
    sleeeeeeeeeppp….. compensate all week's sleep hours
    to make these lip balms.
    n u remember, i told u that i have only one lotion left, my face cream n other body lotion is finished? so, do some skincare shopping if i get any chance to go out, which i dont think i will 🙁

  6. arey wo to dekhungi , i have followed the case too… so movie dekhna to banta hai. but not now as i have exams coming up..
    now u'll ask kaunse exams???
    its MBA exams ( which m doing through DL) thats why i have hell lot of sleep accumulated in weekend account 🙂

  7. ohh u knew i am going to ask :d:D

    ohh exam that to DL ..so u must be having difficult time in reading the notes and contacting others who are giving the same.

  8. yes yes..i m going to watch the movie for sure:)

    ohh big boss..this horrid dolly bindra.u know now she is blaming shweta for all her fights..

    i felt like slapping her..

  9. yeah! when u slap her give one 4m my side too. n shweta was so right " unke bhadkane se aap nai bhadke to mere bhadkane se bhadak jaoge (to khali)"
    she is a person who cant bother less for such thing, she should win.
    n ashmit got 5lacs. dolly was feeling jealous 😉

  10. actually every one was jealous even khali too…and now ashmit fans wont vote him…because they know he can ditch them any time..anyways i don beleive any one votes on big boss leaving beside there family members..

    and yaar khali and his wife convo was so phhunny .. 🙂 ) shweta was also laughing

    hello baby i love u


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