Home made foot scrub- sugar scrub with step by step pictures

This sugar scrub is kind off a foot detox for  me.Every day I use pumice foot scrub on my feet which keeps the dead skin away and once in a while I give my my feet this treat of lime and sugar foot scrub.This is an easy foot scrub recipe which exfoliates the feet and make them smooth too.
Before using this foot scrub recipe I use to use the face scrub on my feet.I assumed that the scrub which I used on my face will work the same on my feet too.The truth is that the skin on the neck and face is very delicate and requires a gentle exfoliation.Feet are tough and one needs a heavy duty exfoliation to keep them looking their best.This I realized after using foot scrub.
After trying 2-3 scrub this one is the best which I liked.Today I was pampering my feet so thought of sharing  my foot scrub recipe with you people.:)

Soak your feet-To get the best out of exfoliation one should soak their feet .To soak the feet take a basin which can accommodate both your feet at the same time.I generally use my bucket for this.Fill the basin half way with warm water and add 5-10 mint leaves, 1/2cup sea salt, 5 drops of essential lime oil, 3 slices of lime.Put your feet in the bucket and let them be soaked for 10 minutes.(I have told you the correct way but I don’t do this.I just soak my feet in half bucket of warm water for 5-10 minutes)
 Scrub for the feet-This is the important thing which gives me healthy and smooth feet.Ingredients required for the foot scrub are:-
2tbsp of white sugar
5 drops lime  essential oil(I use my orange essential oil.Some how I love it)
3 limes
1 tbsp of almond oil
Step1– Peel the limes and chop them into large chunks.

Step2-Now place the limes into your food processor till it is reduced to a pulping lime juice.

 Step3-Add 2tbsp. of white sugar.

Step 4– One tbsp. of  almond oil and 5 drops of essential oil.

Step6-Now blend all the ingredients together


How to use foot scrub
Rub this scrub on your entire foot and rinse your foot off with warm water.Use moisturizer which will keep your feet soft.
Store the remaining mixture in your fridge in an air tight container.You can use this mixture for 5-6 days at a stretch.
When I came from Goa my feet’s were really in bad shape.I used this scrub for seven day and  they got back into their normal condition.This is one of my best foot scrub till date.:)
Do you exfoliate your feet? Do you use any home made remedy for exfoliating your feet?

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  1. It is a runny scrub Radhika but the sugar granuals in the scrub gives good exfoliation .if u use it for 3-4 days then it will be amazing..

    i always feel like drinking the lime juice when i make this scrub..just had some of it πŸ˜›
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  2. Ohh yes ..it smells yummy and i feel like eating it up.

    also, ihad old limes with me so i had to add more sugar so that scrubbing can be done easily.
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  3. He He..u know we feel lazy in taking out juices ..but once we do it (for a change) then we think of having them every day.
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  4. He He .. je ne parle pas français, je ne peux écrire un peu de celui-ci

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