Home made hair mask for damaged and hard hair


This hair mask suits almost all hair types and has shown brilliant result to many.It helps in bringing back the lost shine or in making dull,damaged hair into silky and free from any hair problem. 

Ingredients required are:-

1.Gram flour(besan ,it is a flour made up of chana dal otherwise known as chic peas)

2.You need green gram which is called hara moong in North India.

3.Fenugreek powder(methi daana)

4.Mix 1/2 piece of cucmber,2 slices of oranges and beetroot (half piece)

Just mix all these ingredients in a mixer grinder and add little water into it.Apply this paste for half an hour.You can directly apply the hair mask and there is no need to wash hair before .You can oil the hair before if you want.

This mask is a secret recipe of healthy hair and will be rarely be known to many people.Though gram flour and curd has been used by many since long but adding cucumber,beetroot makes the pack nutritious for hair.All these fruits and vegetables act as a toner and moisturize the hair which brings back the lost shine.

The result of this hair pack is best if no shampoo is used after using it.Still,if you feel your hair needs shampoo then you can use a mild shampoo after using this mask.You can use this hair mask twice a week or if you only have 1 day in a week with you then also it will show you good result.

Some people add egg white also into the mixture but you can avoid it if you are a vegetarian.


  1. HIi Anamika…FRom where do you get such nice recipies:-)..I’v ebeen using the milk spray for hair straightening and its pretty good..thanks a lot:-):-)

    Also , am sufferinf from a lot of hairfall..do you have any tips??Only vegeterain ones since eggs are not allowed in our house

  2. Err sorry for asking so many doubts…but I don’t have much idea about hara moong…Is’nt it very hard??I mean ,then it would be very difficult to grind the same..Did you soak the hara moong for a while and then grind or just did it directly??

  3. Nice to read your tips
    i have silky hair but very bad hair fall ,can u plz suggest any hair pack or mask which can sole my problem. 🙂

      • :laugh: 😉 Hi I had very thick long black hair till I was 31 but now since the past 6-7 years I am suffering from hair fall and I have thin hair….Tom some help from hair specialists who advised jojoba oils and some of their own oils but it has just resulted in hair coming out of my scalp within Adam of washing…therefore is topped oiling my hair all together since I have excess oil…but it’s stil not helped my hair fall issue and I have some small empty patches in my scalp…..it’s really scary…for me I used to have such god hair and now all of a sudden I have this problem. Pls advise wil this moong call scrub help? Any particular diet ?any exercise that could help?

      • Hai yaar i have a heavy hairfall after my delivery and now my baby is 16 months old but still my hair is falling a lot wat to do is there any tip or someting you can suggest


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