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How to make your own hair nourishing oil

I have a small garden in my balcony. I used to grow my own veggies also, but since a couple of years I haven’t been able to do that.However once my husband’s friend came down to visit us from the US. His wife is from Kerala. She saw my garden and suggested that I can make my own hair oil with few things in my garden – I had Aloe vera and Curry leaves then. So I asked her how I can make it more nourishing with the traditional method,  read some other methods and added some tips from what my mom makes,  and then made this wonderful hair oil  🙂

I have been making it since a couple of years. Whenever I have unusual hair fall, I start using this and the hair fall STOPS! Though Its good to use it regularly, I keep trying some other oils too every once in a while and sometimes there are long gaps between two oiling sessions!  so I don’t have a first hand experience about what long term effect it will have on graying hair or hair growth. But it is supposed to stop graying of hair and increase hair growth.

I make it in the Amla season, [about Now!] since all the other herbs are available all the other times, except for amla.

Let’s see how to make it-


Ingredients required for hair oil :-

  • 100 ml coconut oil
  • 100 ml sesame oil
  • Amla ½ KG or more – cut in pieces
  • Curry leaves about 2 cups
  • Aloevera  about  4-6 big leaves
  • Red Hibiscus flowers 15 to 20
  • Methi seeds – 50 gms
  • Coconut- 1

How to make home made hair oil

coconut milk for hair


To make coconut milk – Cut one coconut in small pieces, put in the mixi, with very little water. Sieve it through a muslin cloth; we’ll use only the milk.

Hair oil- Fenugreek-methi-seeds for hair oil

For sprouted Methi – Take 2 big aloe vera leaves. Insert a knife to slit the leaf vertically from one thorny edge, so the leaf can still be closed. Put methi seeds inside with a spoon while pressing in-between, and close the leaf. You can tie it gently with a lace or a cloth.

Keep it aside for 24 hrs. The Methi seeds would sprout in this much time. Take the seeds out, we’ll be using these for the oil.

Take the coconut and sesame oil in a pan. I prefer to take an iron Kadai for this. This would not give a green colour to the oil. It’ll make it very dark but will add some iron in the process.

aloe vera gel for hair

Add the sprouted methi seeds, coconut milk, curry leaves, Fresh aloe Vera leaves – cut in pieces, red Hibiscuss flowers and boil on low heat. This take quite a while, one should boil until the oil is dark, without a trace of water in it. The curry leaves will turn dark and aloe Vera looses it’s stiffness when done. Also the oil will float and the fried, dark herbs will sit at the bottom.

Its necessary that all the water is removed from the oil else it won’t last long enough. To be sure add a few methi seeds when the oil starts getting fumes, if they pop, then turn off the gas.

Strain the oil in small dark bottles when cool.

If done in iron pan, it’s a dark green/brown oil, it smells of Methi and curry leaves. If done properly the oil will last for one and a half to 2 years easily.

To make it even more effective you can add almond oil after the oil is strained in bottles. You can also add a few drops of rosemary essential oil for hair growth.

Use it often and enjoy healthy hair.

You all must be having some traditional hair oil recipes, pls do share?


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  1. I am sure it must be very effective…… but i agree Ups there a lot of effort involved 😛
    The sprouting of methi seeds looks very difficult to me ….rest everything is doable…… 🙂
    Wonderful post Pradnyaa :yes: :yes:

    • aare sprouting seeds is very easy misha.i nmorning soak seeds in water and at night wrap them in a cotton cloth ..in one or two day u will have sprouted methi seeds 🙂 gulp them with water they r blood purifier too:)

      • Ana i sprout moong and other stuff but these methi seeds need to be stuffed in the aloe vera leave???? vo thoda mushkil lagta hai……

          • It seemed difficult to me too when my mom told me. But hardly takes any time. Just like you wud soak methi in water, slt open the aloe vera and push methi in. Then forget about it for 24 hrs.
            More than difficulty, its planning.
            So if you plan to make the oil say tomorrow night, you should do insert the methi tonight. Thats all. Try it once, its not a big deal really 🙂
            And it really stops hairfall.
            they say it stops graying too, but I haven’t used it long enough to say that.

            • i dont hav an aloe plant..i guess ill have to take Reddy’s advice and check out some private gardens around my place, sneak in, snip n run! 😉

    • Ups, Misha, only the sprouting part may seem like a bit of work but you know it hardly takes 10-15 minutes to put the seeds in. And you do it only Once a year! 🙂

    • You can skip aloe Vera and add the rest of the things. Then may be add methu soaked in water only. But then you know if u r taking so much efforts to make the oil for a whole year, why not just get a plant! Its useful otherwise too!

  2. oh good post !! 🙂 my mum does this but uses bhringraj and methi powder and garlic. even neem leaves can be added. i dont know what role the oil she made had on my hair growth but yes after the regular hair packs i have enormous new growth now. happies 😀

  3. this is an awesome recipe! should this oil be refrigerated… I dont know where to get aloevera leaf from, can I add store-bought aloevera juice?

    • Hi Pinky,
      The oil will remain ok in room temperature for about 2 yrs. U’ll get an aloe plant from nursary, or a friend I’m sure. Don’t buy the readymade juice or gel, it wud have preservatives, which negates the whole purpose of making our own oil! And the plant will be very very useful in the house even otherwise!

    • I add almond oil separately after the oil has cooled down. If we use almond oil to boil, it may change properties. Also a lot of oil gets wasted when toy sieve it, it remains in the herbs; you don’t wanna waste your expensive almond oil there!

  4. is it necessary to stuff the methi inside aloe leaf. Can’t we just remove the gel into a dish and soak methi in it.
    can we use coconut oil instead of coconut milk. It might reduce the boiling time

    • Madhura, Haven’t tried using it otherwise, but I have tried taking the gel out of the aloe leaf, and its more of an effort that putting the seeds in. If you find it too difficult, you can skip this step but do try the rest of the recipe, coz its so wonderful, you shouldn’t miss the rest of the benefits just coz of one little thing 🙂

  5. hi pradnyaa….awsome post and i m surely going to make it …….
    i have one doubt…wen u add so much stuff to oil while boiling…the oil gets absorbed in leaves and the stuff…..is there a way to avoid this wastage……………….???

  6. hi Shilpa,
    Thats right, lot of oil gets caught in the herbs. Once I strain the oil anf ill bottles up, I keep let these herbs be in the same kadai – its an iron kadai that I don’t need much otherwise. And next few days i squeeze the herbs and apply the oil on hair, for the whole family 🙂 😀

    Another way to avoide wastage could be using Aloe Vera powder, Methi Powder, etc. The powder can be easily strained. But then it may not be same as whole herbs.

  7. Thanks for answering my questions Pradnya. if it stays for 2 years without refrigeration, then its realy great. I will definitely make it within 1 month. hope it helps my grey hair. doesnt grinding aloevera and other leaves before boiling avoid wastage and give same results 🙂

  8. very nice post! and sooooo much hard work!.. phew! but yet :yes: :yes: :yes:

    and anamikaa!! my replies are getting posted in the wrong place 🙁 🙁 ye kya hoing??

  9. Hi
    U hv mentioned amla in the ingredients bt not said when to addd it in the oil. secondly aloe vera is to be put with the leaves in the oil. is this oil good enough for white hair as well

  10. I was wondering if, instead of adding aloe vera leaves cut into small pieces, I could just spoon out the aloe gel, grind it with curry leaves and neem leaves and then boil it in the oils?

  11. Thanks Pradnyaa…. i was looking out for a good oil that stops my hair fall…… i lose a lots and lots of hair….. my hair is too thin that u can even hold it only with your index finger itself……. i will defintely try it out and tell u the result……………… :-* :-* :inlove:

  12. Can u please tell me when to add amala and how much of almond oil since u havent mentioned and would like to know weather it can be used daily to promote hair growth thank u pradnyaa god bless

  13. Can u please tell me when to add amala and how much of almond oil since u havent mentioned and would like to know weather it can be used daily to promote hair growth 😀 thank u pradnyaa god bless

  14. I also my hair almost has fall so please informed me this medicine where i buy and whats his name for which hair fall stop and regrowth my bladness hair please reply soon sir.
    I want to buy this medicine as possible as but when you told me that medicine name than am buy this medicine so please sir send me medicine name in my mail. Please am requesting you sir. :rose:

  15. please tell me about the amla. is it the fresh green amla, or the dried amla powder. and what can I add to give a pleasent smell.and how much of almond oil for this proportion, also can i add bringraj and how much.

  16. hey,I have tried a lot of other things .Hmm Nothing worked.I landed in this webpage after a bit of google search.I did try this oil and thumbs up ,its really working.Thanks for sharing.

  17. hey can we use dried amla and powdered fenugreek. or unsprouted fenugreek seeds? and if yes then in how much amount? and plz tell that when we have to add amla in the recipe? plz pradnyaa and anamika help me ? 🙂 :starving: ?:-) help me………..

    • also can i use 200 ml of coconut oil only instead of 100 ml of coconut oil + 100 ml of sesame oil? plz help me i’m begging plz plz plz plz……….. 🙁 :-(( 😥

  18. I saw the post and prepared the oil as per the procedure.I am using the oil from past 2 months. Everybody is making out the difference in my hair. Each strad of hair became visibly thicker. Volume of my hair increased.Within 2 months length of the hair increased by 2 inches. Thanks a lot for the wonderful recipe.

  19. Hi wanted to ask if after putting the aloe vera leaf, do o
    Boil the oil and after boiling does the aloe vera needyo
    Be take outog the leaf or just left in there with the oil and than
    Used on hair?

  20. Hi Pradnyaa,

    Amla is mentioned in ingredients but not seem to be used in the recepie. Kindly confirm.
    Can i soak the methi in water for sometime before i put it into the aloe vera leaves or i need to put dry methi into aloevera??

    Kindly explain menthi sprout method as i am still confused as 24 hours not seem to be enough to get the sprouts.
    Do i need to use the same aloevera (in which i have put methi) while boiling the oil??

    Awaiting for your response.


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