Home Remedies For Dark Spots And Acne Marks – Reader Suggestion



A couple of months ago, I had severe skin problem. My skin is now left with all the dark marks due to the acne I had.  My skin looks very uneven at present.

Can you please suggest any of the best tried and tested home remedies for lightening the dark spots on my skin.


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  1. Apply this pack…..

    Ingredients are—–

    1 And half Teaspoon of Red Sandalwood powder/ Paste
    1Teaspoon of Honey
    1 Teaspoon of Raw Potato juice
    Few Drops of Lemon juice

    Mix well and after Cleansing your face, Apply this pack on Scars at Night……..Leave it for Overnight……Do this on regular basis to get best results…..

  2. make paste of orange peel,multani mitti and milk.apply on face,leave it until dries out.you can add potato juice to this paste or even only potato juice will help with scars.

  3. There are several things you can do. And its very easy.
    Most important is to get your nutrition right. Eat vegetables and fruits that are good for your skin. Your skin reflects what u eat.
    You can eat a teaspoon of honey mixed wid black pepper. If you do that daily it will benefit your skin for sure.
    To take care of your skin. Massage your face daily with almond oil.
    Apply face mask. Once or twice a week. Mix lemon juice with honey and massage it on your face. Keep it on face for 10-15 min.
    Once a week try some claymask. Watever suits your skin best.
    Try rosehip oil as serum.


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