Home remedies for winter dryness – Wise She reader Question


Ritu asked,

I have severe dry skin which is getting worse in this horrible winter.Please can you let me know some home remedies for winter dryness or recommend me some products.

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  1. If you are ok using oils – try using olive/almond/sesame/coconut oil on the face. Or else even milk cream is good in a pinch. You can even use daily facepacks of full fat curd or plain honey. I find they all help. Also make a mixture of 1 part glycerine & 3 parts water or rose water. Put this in a spray bottle & spritz yr face once every two hours.
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  2. gylcerine is very good for dry skin. Also u should start using an intense moisturising night cream before going to bed so that next morning your skin dont feel stretchy! Before going to bath, massage whole body with coconut/olive oil and after bath apply body butter on whole body…

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  3. Hi Nims….me doing good how r u doing??

    do u feel the swollen area only when u apply the cream at night? or u see the swelling in morning as well.


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