Home remedies of Amla(Indian gooseberry) and its amazing uses


Indian gooseberries contain highest content of vitamin C than any other naturally occurring substance in nature. Indian Ayurveda considers it as the strongest rejuvenator .It has en number of tremendous medicinal value.
Scientific Name: Phyllanthus emblica, syn. Emblica officinalis
Tree Family: Euphorbiaceae
Commonly Known as: Amla or Indian Gooseberry

Common names of this tree include amalaki in Sanskrit, amla in Hindi, amlaki in Bengali, Nellikkai in Kannada and Tamil and amala in Nepali language.

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Let us further continue with amla benefits and how it helps in curing many other diseases.

Stomach worms (pet ke kide)-Drinking 50ml fresh amla juice every day empty stomach kills worms within a month.

Nose bleeding(Nakseer)-If nose bleeding doesn’t stop for a long time then drop few drops of amla juice in the nose. It will stop within five to ten minutes. Those who suffer from nose bleeding regularly should drink amla juice and apply amla paste on their head.

To maintain good health and energy till old age-Take amla powder ,black sesame seeds(kale til) and mix both them together. Take 5gram of this powder every day with honey or ghee. Taking this will make you stay healthy till old age .Your hair will not turn grey till long by taking this remedy.

Diabeties(Madhumeha)-Drinking fresh amla juice every day helps in reducing diabetic problem and if taken at initial stage then it will help in getting rid of the problem as well.

Head ache-Applying amla powder paste on head helps in getting rid of head ache.

Improving memory power-Eating amle ka muraba(sweet gooseberry pickle) every day improves memory power.

Eczema/Khujli-Mix amla powder in any oil and massage it on the affected area. This helps in getting rid of Eczema.

In breaking out of pimples, or efflorescence, as in measles, scar Latina, etc.-Applying amla powder paste helps in getting rid of these problems.

Vomiting-Take amla powder ,add chandan powder and mix 1tsp of honey in it. Licking this paste stops vomiting.

Female white discharge problem-Take 3grams of amla powder and add 6grams of honey in it. Eating this paste for one month helps in getting rid of the problem.

Weak heart-When one has eaten her half lunch or dinner takes 6-7 grams of amla juice and drink it with half glass of water. Eat rest of the left over meal after having the amla juice. Continue this medicine for 21 days .This will make your hear strong and will improve memory too.

Wounds bleeding-When wounds are bleeding continuously apply fresh amla juice. Wounds will stop bleeding with in few minutes.

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