Homemade Multipurpose Natural Scrub From Brown Sugar


Hello all! 🙂

How are you all liking the new series? It is so fun to bring it out for you. Today, i will be sharing with a DIY scrub with multiple benefits. You can use it differently for optimum results.

Lets see want all we need.







Take a bowl and mix equal quantities of each ingredient. Put some sugar in the bowl. You can also use normal granulated sugar for this if you don’t have brown sugar. Otherwise, one can easily get sachets of brown sugar in the market. Now, mix honey and some olive oil into the sugar and mix it to make your all purpose scrub.

brown sugar milk face mix
This scrub can be used for various purposes.

      • You can use it as a body scrub. This removes dead skin effectively without ripping off the natural oil. Honey and olive oil ensure a well moisturizer skin. Carry it in the shower and you will love the after effects.
      • This scrub works wonderfully when used as a natural lip exfoliator. Rub your lips with this scrub in circular motions to treat dry chapped lips and even for regular exfoliation.

This scrub came to my rescue when I was dealing with ingrown hair. This is an excellent way to treat you ingrown


    . Scrub the parts to be waxed either a few hours before waxing or two days after waxing. You will be happily bidding goodbye to ingrown hair 🙂


sugar and milk face scrub


Tip: To avoid the problem of ingrown hair better opt for professionals to wax your body. Avoid shaving or razor. Do not wax if the hair growth is minimal. Try this magic scrub which can be used in summers and winters both.

Hope you like this! Don’t forget to share your views about it 🙂

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