Homemade natural mascara with vaseline and aloe vera gel with pictures


Most of us know that to increase eye lash growth people apply aloe vera gel or Vaseline on their eye lashes.There are many who have seen the difference where as there are some who do not believe in this.I don’t know about Vaseline but I have used aloevera gel on my eye lashes and I feel the difference.

One can make their home made mascara and can save good bucks too and on top of that get natural lash extension. ๐Ÿ™‚
So let us start with our home made no preservative, organic and lash growth mascara ๐Ÿ™‚
Step1-I opened the tube of mascara and remove the wand and wash it thoroughly in the sink.It does take time in washing it.You can keep it in a bowl filled with water and let the mascara tube stay in it for 2-3 hours.


ร‚ย Step2-Dip the cleaned wand into Vaseline and start pushing the Vaseline in the tube.


Step3-That is it.Your natural Vaseline mascara is ready.You can do this when you are running out of mascara.Apply the wand as you normally do on your eye lashes .Check if their is any clumping though possibility of clumping is very less.Even if it is there just pull it out .If you use eye lash curler and then this then it will open up your eyes more and that too without using any chemicals :).


Voila!! your new subtle clear mascara is ready

You can make your vary own colored mascara too with aloevera gel.For that take a tsp. of aloevera gel and add it into a small container which has a tight fitting lid.Now take pinch ofร‚ย  MINERAL EYE SHADOW and add it into the gel.Use any plastic spoon to mix it.Add eye shadow in small amount so that you can increase the darkness .Keep adding the eye shadow till a thick paste is formed.Now use any clean old mascara wand and apply on your eye lashes.

So you have your vary own mascara trick in which you can have mascara in blue, black and green and many other colors which you might be thinking off.But as this is a chemical and preservative free mascara you can not store it more thanร‚ย  a week.

You can skip out the eye shadow color if you are looking to increase for eye lash growth.

What I do is take a tiny amount of aloe vera gel on my hand.

ร‚ย ร‚ย ร‚ย ร‚ย  Step2-Use mascara wand and cover it all with the gel

ร‚ย  Step3– Spread it all over the wand and apply it on my lashes.

I use the same wand to set my eye brows too.Works great.

You can apply the aloe vera gel on your eye lashes before going to bed.You might see visible difference in eye lash growth

Hope you liked the trickร‚ย 

Your neighbour hood friend


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  1. Rakshanda hear lot about vaseline but i have tried aloevera ..and i did c some noticable difference in my eye lashes.

    i was not well since 4-5 days but no doing fine..

    where do u live Rakshanda?
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  2. Yaa Tanz washing the tube is important otherwise when we will add vaseline in it it will be mixed with the mascara..as i use the old mascara tube it should be cleaned .
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  3. :tap-dance: Yeah i made it too using the castor oil. An additional tip- It can be used as eyebrow gel too to keep them at place & also you can use your homemade clear mascara as eyelash primer/ base before applying your regular mascara to give it an extra shine & volume plus it conditions them.

  4. Nice trick….but I think It wouldn’t be waterproof. More sounds like serum for growth eyelashes.
    For best eyelashes serum to thicken n longer eyelashes/eyebrows, I use Castor oil (hexane free) mix to Olive oil/Coconut oil. It works best!


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